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Now Tumblr-ing: National Geographic Found.

Apr 10th, 2013 | Categories: Photography | by Michael Williams

NGS Picture ID:1098252

Hope you had a productive day so far, because this is a day-wrecker. National Geographic recently launched an archival Tumblr called Found which is a gold mine of great imagery from the decades of photojournalism from the United States and throughout the world. (See also: The Lively Morgue.)

A few of these images had been popping up in my Tumblr dashboard, but I wasn’t sure as to their origin until last night when I discovered this new site.  Seeing this for the first time was a similar experience to when the Life archive (which I might have posted about here and there) was made available via Google. Though what has been posted is just a tiny offering of the vast NatGeo archive, it’s a nice start to what will undoubtedly be a long and enjoyable friendship. [FOUND]

NGS Picture ID:1127476 tumblr_mkzwqdxan41s7f3fyo1_1280


Apr 10th, 2013 | Categories: SIGNALS | by Michael Williams



  • Handsome looking single pole canvas tent. [Scout Seattle] [Pictured]
  • Inside the mind of Levi’s Vintage Clothing and its designer Miles Johnson. [Mr Porter]
  • Take a trip in the #menswear time machine. [Cool Material]
  • Twenty five to travel for… Leather Soul, Harrison Ltd & other ACL favs. [GQ]
  • The guys at Aether are going HAM on their R1200s and are refusing to acknowledge spring. [Aether Journal]

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ACL’s Greatest Hits | Taking Advice from Craigslist

Apr 9th, 2013 | Categories: Greatest Hits | by Michael Williams

Way back in 2008 I published an entirely different type of thing than I had ever posted before or ever after. The entry is one of the few text-only posts I have ever done, and it is certainly the only thing on the site found via Craigslist. It consisted of a long post on the San Francisco local CL titled “Advice to Young Men from an Old Man,” and it is one of my favorite moments from the past 5+ years of doing this site. I was looking around for something else last night and I stumbled back upon it (and tweeted it) and I thought that since it was posted so long ago, a lot of people have probably never seen it. Some of my favorite selections from the advice are below, but go back and read the entire thing.

3. Invest in yourself. Material things come to those that have self actualized.

9. You’ll spend your entire life listening to people tell you how much you owe them. You don’t owe the vast majority of people shit.

10. Don’t undermine your fellow young men. Mentor the young men that come after you. Society recognizes that you have the potential to be the most power force in society. It scares them. Society does not find young men sympathetic. They are afraid of you, both individually and collectively. Law enforcement’s primary purpose is to suppress you.

13. Know that few people have your best interests at heart. Your mother does. Your father probably does (if he stuck around). Your siblings are on your side. Everybody else worries about themselves.

14. Don’t be afraid to tell people to “fuck off” when need be. It is an important skill to acquire. As they say, speak your piece, even if your voice shakes.

28. Don’t be a poser. Avoid being one of those dudes who puts a surfboard on top of their car, but never surfs, or a dude with a powder coated fixed gear bike and a messenger bag, but was never a messenger. Live the life. Earn your bonafides.

Read: Advice to Young Men from an Old Man

Sounds of the Times.

Apr 9th, 2013 | Categories: Music | by Michael Williams

Treetop Flyers | Things Will Change

Occasionally a band or a song will spark my interest in sharing some of the sounds that have been playing in the office as of late. The British band Treetop Flyers and their album The Mountain Moves was the thing that pushed me over the edge to put this post together. The band recently (I think?) signed on with Partisan Records, one of my favorites, as its label in the U.S. Their record —which is a trip back in time— would feel just fine if it were on the radio in 1977. The single below is good, but the rest of the album is even better. Worth checking out when it comes out in June.

If you want to go back further than the late 70s, listen to Charles Bradley and be transported to 1962. That guy’s story is insane — he was only “discovered” a few years ago and signed to Brooklyn’s Daptone Records. Here’s the story on NPR.

Both Charles Bradley and Gary Clark Jr (also below) performed at the Newport Folk Festival this past summer and I remember watching Gary and thinking ‘he’s gonna put The Black Keys out of business’. Honestly though, seeing him reminded me of what I felt the first time I saw The Black Keys live. Great stuff.

Charles Bradley | Strictly Reserved For You

Gary Clark Jr. | Bright Lights

The Case for White Shoes.

Apr 8th, 2013 | Categories: David Coggins, Footwear, Menswear | by David Coggins


When warm weather finally arrives there’s a natural desire to get into the optimism of the season. You drink Negronis with a vengeance, dust off the fly rod even though the fishing hasn’t picked up yet, you even watch the Mets before they take their annual swan dive in the standings. Spring is a time to express yourself, and that’s a very fine case for white shoes. Real shoes mind you, not Vans or something straight from the court: bucks, cap-toe oxfords, cricket shoes, even wingtips. A few years ago, Crockett & Jones released an elegant pair made of deerskin—they were practically criminal.


Apr 8th, 2013 | Categories: SIGNALS | by Michael Williams


  • Rolex is bringing Tudor back to the United States. [Hodinkee]
  • Steven Alan’s rules of style. [DETAILS]
  • Wonderfully insane steady-cam technology. [Gizmodo]
  • In praise of the NYC bodega breakfast sandwich. [Bon Appetit]
  • W.H. Murphy & associate demonstrating a bulletproof vest c.1923 [Reddit via Its Tactical] [Pictured]

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The Hunt | Luggage Tags

Apr 7th, 2013 | Categories: Made in the USA, The Hunt, Travel | by Michael Williams


The Hunt is a series that aims to find the best-in-breed products that we’re all searching for — let’s dig deeper.

You can buy a luggage tag almost anywhere. What you strangely can’t buy very many places is a high quality and tasteful luggage tag. It’s honestly a bit of a paradox. Most small consumer goods in this country are so cheap in both price and make that anyone looking for something well made has to spend an absurd amount of time looking for something that will last longer than a few rungs through the carousel of destruction at the hands of your friend airline baggage handler.

There are actually a lot of synthetic/plastic options out that there that seem decent enough, but I don’t want to put something too tech on my luggage (personal preference maybe). Additionally, there are quite a few companies that make good luggage tags from nice leather, but the problem I always seem to encounter is often that they use cheap hardware. A shitty clasp is a deal-breaker for me, I want something solid that is going to last for at least two decades and I am willing to pay for it. Enter the Tanner Goods luggage tags and my hunt may be over.