The Other Side

If you haven’t heard by now, I’ve been publishing ACL regularly as a newsletter. Some stories are public, but most are for subscribers only. As a gesture, I’m happy to offer a special discount to everyone that comes from here or is on the ACL email list. That offer is here.

Publishing as a newsletter very much feels like the old days of ACL. The one big difference is that the conversations feel more intimate now since much of it is not on the public internet. The comment section also feels more like a group of friends rather than a bunch of anonymous voices. The publishing schedule works better for me to be able to send out letters consistently and to stay inspired. All in all, it’s been good and I think anyone who enjoyed ACL here would appreciate the way it has evolved.

Some of the newsletter stories I have written recently:

Super Dad Wagons and Driving the Autobahn.

How To Save An American Factory: An Interview with Kyle Rancourt.

5 Brands for Comfort and Well-Made Things.

The ACL Podcast 004: A Conversation with Photographer Noah Kalina.

Good Things. The Pandemic Boom in Surfing, Golf and Cycling.

Great Everyday Things.

A Q&A With Outerknown Co-Founder John Moore.

Odds & Ends: 1o Thoughts.

Don’t Forget Your Neighborhood Cobbler: Willie’s.

Comments on “The Other Side

    Brian Small on February 16, 2021 3:29 PM:

    Hi Michael,
    I’m a fan of the open WEB so I won’t be joining your newsletter group. But I appreciate the offer. I will, however, keep my feed reader pointed here so long as the feed is active.


    Michael Williams on February 16, 2021 4:13 PM:

    Sounds good. There are public posts at too if you want to see them. The problem with the open web is that the ways in which to be compensated as a writer are outside of what I want to do from a commercial standpoint. So I would rather be subscriber oriented as opposed to open and advertising funded.

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