Things to Read and Listen to.

The newsletter is running smoothly and it’s been a joy to write regularly — feels like the old days. Though, sending an email feels more personal and has been liberating in many ways. In addition to the ACL newsletter, I’ve teamed up with the great David Coggins to offer a dual-subscription called Central Division. It’s a standalone home for everything we publish under one roof. A subscription there allows access to all of David’s stories at The Contender and all of the ACL stories, plus our weekly podcast.

A few programming notes:

Below is a round-up of what has been happening with the ACL newsletter. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out or subscribe please do.

The first ACL podcast is here and it’s an hour long chat with Mickey Drexler.

If you aren’t digging into the newsletter life you might have missed this story about Uncrustables and how everything is better in Japan.

This story on dad advice was one of the most popular posts I’ve had in years. There’s a lot of actionable stuff here. Hit those KPIs, drive synergy and maximize ROI.

Other stories: summer in Maine, Battenwear, Leffot x Rancourt x Horween, escaping to Post Ranch Inn and homemade smashburgers.