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LIFE Archive | Pacific Theater in Color (Part I)

Dec 16th, 2008 | Categories: Americana, LIFE | by Michael Williams

The LIFE photo archive has been a welcome distraction for me. I have been mining the vast collections since they went live a few weeks ago, and so far the most difficult decision has been exactly where do to start. So far I found some mind-numbingly great groups of photos and might just need to send Flickr Find on vacation.

The first collection I present to you is WWII Pacific Theater operations in color. This is the real life Navy-ism (sans irony of course), in beautiful color and high-resolution. Click the photos to get all of the real-deal 1940s details.


Obsession | Coleman

Dec 15th, 2008 | Categories: Americana, Obsessions | by Michael Williams

Personally, when it comes to camping I am more interested in the gear than the outdoors. I remember going on trips as a kid and seeing my dad make breakfast on our (his) Coleman grill. It was a memorable moment because the green-metal grill is such a cool piece of machinery, and well, because Dad doesn’t make breakfast too often. Kansas based Coleman has been turning out all sorts of iconic American products (like grills, lanterns and coolers) since 1901. Some of my most-liked Coleman products after the jump.

Powerhouse Deluxe Stove


Gratuitous Photos of Jennifer Aniston

Dec 12th, 2008 | Categories: Magazines | by Michael Williams

This morning I awoke to photos of the beautiful Ms. Aniston in my inbox. Seems the people at GQ had sent them over just to torture me. As a response I have done the only logical thing I could think of — turn the torment on you. The reaction to my photos of Ms. Connelly the other day was mixed (for the record, I stand convinced that she has great legs), but there is no arguing with Jennifer. The January cover has taken patriotic to a whole new level.

Just a few further thoughts:

  • God bless GQ and Michael Thompson
  • That’s a Black Fleece tie on the cover, not that anyone will notice the tie
  • You can read the interview here
  • Screw buying the famous Obama issue of The New York Times, buy the January issue of GQ and lock it up for prosperity
  • Those pictures get bigger if you click on them…


Shopping MAPS.

Dec 12th, 2008 | Categories: Japan, Men's wear, Style | by Michael Williams

My thoughts on the Japanese retail scene have been pretty well documented, but I could resist posting some slightly out-of-reach items from MAPS. The men’s shop is another one of those amazing stores where I would buy most everything within arms reach. The classic styling and attention to detail get me every time. With that being Japan and this not Japan, the only consolation is the internet — at least you can look at all of the cool things you can’t buy. That is, unless you have a friends in good places. So the moral of the story here is, get yourself a friend in japan. Some of my favorite items from MAPS are after the jump.

Engineered Garments green duffel


Flickr Find | Painted Brick Signs

Dec 11th, 2008 | Categories: Flickr Find | by Michael Williams

Flickr Find is a weekly column of interesting things found on the amazing and inspiring photo sharing website Flickr.

If you look around, there are buildings with old painted signs all over the place. New York’s former warehousing district of TriBeCa is loaded with them. Although most of the buildings have been converted into luxury apartments now. Smart developers leave the signs intact to give the buildings a nice historic look. You can also see a lot of this sort of painted sign advertising on “Main Street” brick buildings throughout the middle west and south. Some favorite painted signs are below. Enjoy!



Dec 11th, 2008 | Categories: Linkage | by Michael Williams

  • Critical shopper Mike Albo declares Paul Stuart a “balance of hipness and traditional restraint” | [The New York Times]
  • Evening wear as inspired by Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan | [Rugby] [Pictured]
  • An entire Tumblr devoted to London shop fronts | [LSF]
  • Daiki Suzuki’s (Engineered Garments / Woolrich) NYC shopping and dining picks | [TimeOut New York]
  • Speaking of outdoorsy things — love for Filson’s Mackinaw Cruiser | [Valet]

Bonus edition: Meet you at 4:30 at Brooks, main floor, southwest corner. Where the pajamas intersect with the expensive shirts, right across from the undershorts counter.

Makr's Mark

Dec 10th, 2008 | Categories: Bags, Fashion, Made in the USA, Style | by Michael Williams

The similarities between the men’s accessories company Makr and the Kentucky bourbon of a similar name are not lost me — both are distinctly American and each are made with care in small batches.  Over the past year, Makr has built up a substantial following for its line of bags and leather goods. Recently, I had a chance to chat with the company’s designer and founder Jason Gregory about the burgeoning brand.