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It’s pretty strange to think that it was four years ago that the first (and for that matter last) “The Summer Look” post ran here on ACL, but in that time not much has changed in our simple shore-side fit. As Michael discussed in 2010, when dressing for a day at the beach you’ve got to also consider those crucial post-beach activities as well because after an afternoon of baking in the sun, you’ll deserve a trip to the bar. So here it is, our updated, yet largely unaltered Summer Look for what’s left of your warm weather adventures.

You might abhor the Birks, but please leave the flip-flops at the shore. Breakdown after the jump.

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    Terry on August 27, 2014 8:34 AM:

    Seriously never thought my bucket hat and Bostons would be considered hip by anyone. Maybe fashion is as much the wearer as the worn. Also, linen shirts FTW. They have become a staple of my summer work wardrobe. Would appreciate a roundup of linen shirt suppliers of non-dubious sourcing.

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