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That Summer Look | Spot The Difference

Aug 25th, 2014 | Categories: Jake Gallagher, That Summer Look | by Jake Gallagher

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It’s pretty strange to think that it was four years ago that the first (and for that matter last) “The Summer Look” post ran here on ACL, but in that time not much has changed in our simple shore-side fit. As Michael discussed in 2010, when dressing for a day at the beach you’ve got to also consider those crucial post-beach activities as well because after an afternoon of baking in the sun, you’ll deserve a trip to the bar. So here it is, our updated, yet largely unaltered Summer Look for what’s left of your warm weather adventures.

You might abhor the Birks, but please leave the flip-flops at the shore. Breakdown after the jump.

That Summer Look…

Jul 23rd, 2010 | Categories: Men's wear, That Summer Look | by Michael Williams

The beach has been my number one priority of the summer, you know, on my attitude adjusted priorities list. So after a particularly relaxing day at the ocean I decided to document some of my preferred beach attire. Obviously, you need to consider swimming and sand, but also post-beach drinking. For this look I mostly focus on the post beach drinking part. Actually, this is everything I wear with the exception of my swimsuit. So think of this as my real life ‘That Summer Look” (just like the autumn looks I have done in the past) and use it for inspiration. If you see me at the beach chances are I’ll be wearing some variation of this. And don’t forget the sunscreen — you don’t want to literally be “crispy,” just figuratively.

(Please note that I do press for McNairy and Alexander West. That said, they didn’t pay me to wear this to the beach.)