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Sep 11th, 2013 | Categories: SIGNALS | by Michael Williams


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  • Grenson takes stock of its Northampton factory which spanned generations. [YouTube]
  • Red Wing Heritage x Barneys New York as told by The Coveted Man. [The Window] [Pictured]
  • Mr Porter finds the man with the most stylish slash insane commute. [Mr Porter]
  • Inside Motorola’s massive Moto X assembly plant in Fort Worth, Texas. [Engadget]
  • Interest stuff as usual from the Levi’s Makers series. [Selectism]
  • Madison, Wisconsin’s East Dane enters the menswear e-commerce fray. [East Dane]

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When in Copenhagen: Eat at Geist.

Sep 10th, 2013 | Categories: Copenhagen, Food | by Michael Williams


Tell anyone you are going to Copenhagen and invariably they will mention the restaurant Noma. With its status near the top of all restaurants in the world, Noma represents the best of what to expect in the Danish capital. Good luck getting a reservation.

The interesting thing about Copenhagen, which is admittedly a little unexpected, is that the food in Copenhagen all around is pretty spectacular. On a recent trip a friend and I had an incredible lunch at Geist which helped to further confirm the city’s status as one of the most enjoyable cities in Europe.

The restaurant sits overlooking a beautiful square (Kongens Nytorv) in the heart of Copenhagen, and it is perfectly set away from the tourist crowds down the road. The menu is arranged as a series of small plates that are centered around fresh ingredients. Not knowing much about the restaurant going-in, when we looked at the menu for the first time it didn’t make all that much sense. That wasn’t a huge problem, we were in for an experience, so we just started ordering small plates just to go for it and see what we will get. Our server advised that we probably ordered too much, but since we were such a long way from home and unlikely to be back soon, we figured “what the hell” and tried as much as we could in our short visit.

Every dish that came out of the kitchen was better than the last. Lobster took a shape I have never seen before (the purple plate seen below), so did potatoes and everything else. It was all inventive and everything tasted delicious. The meal turned out to be one of my favorites in 2013. And I’m not just saying that because it was enjoyed in a far off place.

Geist_Copenhagen_9 Geist_Copenhagen_5


Enduring Icons: Jack Purcell

Sep 4th, 2013 | Categories: Footwear, Sponsored Post | by Michael Williams


jack Purcell 2

There’s a comforting feeling when you wear a pair of Jack Purcell sneakers. Classic is the word that springs to mind. Timeless is another. Stylish the third. You don’t have to worry about them ever going out of favor, about them ever failing to make you look cool. They should be an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. That’s what keeps you coming back, year after year to these enduring icons. Shoes with no obsolescence. More than just a footwear choice, it’s a state of mind.

Originally introduced as an especially made badminton sneaker by its Canadian National Badminton Champion namesake Jack Purcell. These classic canvas sneakers first appeared in 1935 debuting as a purely athletic shoe, though there’s more to the story.

A Selected History of the Jack Purcell.

1873: Duke of Beaufort invites British soldiers to his house in Badminton. After drinking champagne, they played the Indian game of Poona with feather impailed corks, referring to the game thereafter as the Badminton game.

1879: Badminton Club of NY is founded and still active today, making it the world’s oldest Badminton club.

1900: Badminton first played in Canada.

1903: John Edward Purcell is born in Guelph, Ontario.

1924: Jack Purcell takes up Badminton.

1929: Jack Purcell is undefeated national singles champ. He starts writing an instructional column in Toronto’s weekly star.

1933: Jack Purcell proclaimed Badminton champion of the world, after beating the best players from Canada, England, and the USA.

1935: B.F. Goodrich develops the original Jack Purcell Badminton shoe.

Shopping Stockholm | Rose & Born

Sep 3rd, 2013 | Categories: Menswear, Shopping, Stockholm | by Michael Williams


The first place I visited after arriving in Stockholm (with the exception of my hotel) was the men’s shop Rose & Born. The weather in Stockholm that day was sunny, clear and warm —an altogether perfect day in Scandinavia. The enjoyable conditions outside didn’t seem to hold back the steady stream of men stopping into Rose & Born to browse the new fall arrivals, check in for their second fittings and generally shop the nice assortment of men’s clothing and accessories.

After a few minutes browsing, I approached one of the guys on duty and asked if it would be okay if I took a few photos for my website. This is always a tricky moment for me — to have to be the guy who says publicly that “I have a blog” and wait for the reaction. Honestly, at this point, it is sort of painful for me to even ask, because there are so many embarrassing-blog-hucksters in the world. Thankfully the guys working at Rose & Born knew ACL and they were gracious in allowing me any photos I wanted. Those kinds of situations can go either way, I’ve been denied more than a few times and it is never that much fun.

Interestingly enough, the Rose & Born blog and magazine has gained this otherwise small shop a bit of a cult following with guys not just in Stockholm, but all over the world. It’s amazing when that happens, how the internet can help revel the great things that are out there. Take a look at the editorial that the shop produces and you’ll get why everyone likes Rose & Born so much. Not only do they have great taste in clothing, they can communicate that finely tuned sense of style through editorial — as a small independent shop no less. It’s nothing short of remarkable.