This Must be the Place

I’m happy to share with you the first look at ACL Golf. This idea has been in my head for several years and I’m excited for you all to be the first to see it. Lord knows I’ve talked about it enough publicly by now. 

My goal with ACL Golf is to highlight the concentric circles of good things around golf. It’s not all golf or all style, it’s a combination of the two in a way that does justice to both. I hate the idea that you have to buy specific clothing just to play golf. I don’t want to leave the house looking like a golfer or dress for golf in clothes I wouldn’t otherwise wear. I believe that if you have the right perspective golf does intersect with a lot of interesting things and my goal with ACL Golf is to highlight the good that surrounds the game.

You’ll see a familiar byline from our friend David Coggins who will be contributing now and then. At launch he has an essay about buying a sport coat — something I couldn’t be more interested in right now after 13 months of staying home. There’s also a crazy story about Dean Martin’s doomed country club, how to plan a golf trip with your friends, an incredible mobile bar and much more. If you care to stay on top of the stories just join the mailing list. We will be updating regularly and things will continue to develop beyond what you see now — so stay tuned. 

I know golf is not for everyone here, but I think ACL Golf is going to be different from what’s out there. I shared more of my inspiration in my editor’s letter here