Father’s Day Gift Guide

I know exactly what I want for Father’s Day: peace and quiet! While I do have mixed feelings about the idea of doing commercial guides like this — it is probably helpful in the end. I do feel uniquely qualified to put a list like this together so why not. I hope it helps.

One note for all of the golf dads out there. In partnership with The Fliers Club we are having a summer solstice event in a few weeks on June 20-22 at Inness in Accord, NY. It’s open to the public with a few spots still available — would love to see you there.

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Blue Ridge Chair Works — These two-piece wood chairs are comfortable, simple, easy to carry and use. Plus, they are made in the USA. I can speak from experience here: dad just wants his own seat. [Pictured]

MLB Passport — This is a simple and cool gift for guys who are interested in Major League Baseball. Every stadium in the league has a special stamp that you can collect in this passport when you attend a game. Collect all 30.

Chapman Screwdriver Set — It’s incredible how often I use this set around the house. This one set has the right screwdriver set-up or hex or whatever I need to fix things without swearing or freaking out. It doesn’t matter how handy your dad is, he will appreciate this perfect made-in-the-USA tool set.

Japanese Secret Box — These wooden boxes lock in a special way, requiring the correct sequence of moves to open one of these intricate designs to reveal its contents.

Filson Lockbox — This is a sort reminiscent of something Best Made would do, but I like the clean lines of this version better. Every dad will be thrilled to get something like this — that is 100% guaranteed.

Bowery Presents — Get dad tickets to a show at Forest Hills and vibe out to Death Cab while reliving the glory days.

Frambridge— One of my favorite gifts to give are nicely framed pictures and I love Framebridge for all of it. This might not be able to work for father’s day based on lead-time, but getting something special framed, be it a photo or a personal item is something a lot of guys will cherish and won’t do for themselves.


Ghiaia — This is one of my favorite brands that happens to be run by Davide Baroncini — one of my all time favorite humans. These cotton crewnecks aren’t exactly inexpensive, but they are wonderful quality and made from beautiful materials. This is exactly the type of thing that makes for a perfect gift that dad might not splurge for himself. [Pictured]

Adsum – Cool label with an outdoors POV but also makes great classic items. If you wear Adsum you let the other dads know what the cool guys are wearing.

Western Hydrodynamic Research – WHR is a current favorite brand. The line is simple and everything is well-done. I especially like the hats, which are unique. Strong West Coast surf vibe thing happening here and I like it. Dad will get the nod from fellow enthusiasts when you see them out in the wild.

Unimatic UC1 Watch — Everyone asks me what what they should get. Start here.

Outerknown – This is the go-to brand for good swim trunks, fleece and its beloved Blanket Shirts.

1733 — Great nylon bag maker that has recently collaborated with a ton of good brands. These bags are perfect for all types of dads and they’re all made in Chicago.

Rose & Co. Sunglasses— Once you start wearing good sunglasses it’s hard to go back. Rose & Co is my favorite new eyewear brand and I love the shape, quality and design of the brand.

Battenwear — One of my favorite small brands that gives me all of the right Japanese outdoors vibes. Buy dad a unique fleece (so he’s not like all of the other dads at pick up/drop off in Patagonia), or a beach bag or a great windbreaker.

Meriggi Swim — This specialist swimwear brand makes nice trunks with more of a European aesthetic. The fabric is nice, the fit is good and the prices will not kill you. What else could you want except a good place to swim.


The Golfer’s Journal Membership — A refined take on the golf world in beautiful print format, which everyone still prefers over digital (and we all know it). In addition to the magazine, TGJ has an amazing community forum for members a calendar of golf events with likeminded people who share an evolved perspective on the game. [Pictured]

Metalwood — 90s golf vibes all day long. This LA-based brand recently collaborated with Garrett Leight on a collection of golf clothing and accessories — including some awesome pair of glasses.

J. Crew Tech Shorts — These are the go-to golf shorts. The material is quick dry, they have stretch and the fit is good. Every golfer is always looking for good shorts.

Sentinel — The most considered golf accessories company out there. Everything this brand makes is excellent and any dad who is into golf would be pleased to receive anything from here.

Western Gailes HeadcoversUpcycled headcovers from San Francisco. I have a hand painted personalized set of these which I absolutely love. There might not be time for a custom set, but the stock versions are cool and unique.


Josephinen Wine Glasses These are the best wine glasses in the world. Just look how they are made. Everyone wants these as a gift and this is the one absolute guaranteed home run on the list. [Pictured]

Artifact Apron — Who doesn’t want a made in USA apron?

Griddle Pan and Burger Press — Dads love making smashburgers and pancakes and this carbon steel is perfect. No non-stick coating to worry about, just the wonderful natural carbon steel that gets better the more you use it.

Bixby Coffee — This is our daily driver and we buy it by the 5lb bag! Highly recommended.

Blackstone Tabletop — I’m very into this and this is an item straight off my own wish list. There’s just something about working the flat top that’s just so satisfying.


The Optimist: A Case for the Fly Fishing Life— Our pal David Coggins is in paperback. A nice thing to give anyone who loves fishing or who would like to learn to fish one day. [Pictured]

Wm Brown Project — This is the good stuff. Land Rovers, cocktails, Barbour coats, hunting, grilling and travel all from the excellent point-of-view from Matt Hranek.

A Small and Simple Thing — A newsletter about food and booze from Brooks Reitz —one of the coolest guys you will ever meet.

The Quadrilateral — A newsletter about professional golf’s four major tournaments. Geoff Shackelford is knowledgeable, funny and not afraid to ask the tough questions which is refreshing in an era of access journalism and Barstool Sports.

Gray’s Sporting Journal — I don’t read a lot of hunting and fishing magazines, but I do love Gray’s for it’s interesting stories, beautiful photography and considered layout. It’s always nice to receive a nice magazine that you maybe wouldn’t subscribe to yourself.

Motoring JournalAn evolved car magazine with a refreshing point-of-view and beautiful layouts. I also happen to be a contributor.

McKellar Magazine — The New Yorker for golf. I absolutely love this magazine and highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in pure golf.

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    Daniel on July 7, 2022 3:57 PM:

    I’d add to the media section: L’Ettiquette magazine, and, for coffee table books, This Guy by Jamie Ferguson and Black Ivy by Jason Jules. WM Brown is great, though.

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