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Dreaming of Dress Shirts | Salvatore Piccolo

Apr 4th, 2012 | Categories: Made in Italy, Pitti Uomo January 2012, Shirts | by Michael Williams

Last night I had a dream about hand made shirting. I’m not kidding, I remember I could see the beautifully imperfect shoulder stitches vividly. This is probably the strangest confession I have ever made here. You know when you are dreaming about shirts, you might have some issues. Instead of seeking help, I think I need to go buy a bunch of Salvatore Piccolo shirts. Honestly, that’s just a dream too, because these shirts ain’t cheap. And the way I blow through wovens, I don’t know if that is the best use of my money. All that aside, if I were still dreaming I would buy one of each, because I don’t seem to encounter nicer shirts very often.

Asked & Answered | Club Monaco’s Aaron Levine

Apr 3rd, 2012 | Categories: Menswear | by Michael Williams

If I were to name the people in my life that inspire me, Aaron Levine would be high on that list. We met a few years ago when he was working for Hickey, a line I desperately loved, and one I sadly said goodbye to a few years later. Hickey’s demise taught me a lesson: Love what you have, when you have it. When I met Levine for the first time (a well documented lunch I might add), I knew exactly why I liked Hickey so much. I was into it because of Levine, at his core, is a giant “Product Nerd,” a description that he both enjoys and embraces. I think that’s what we connected over first, the love of well made things and good design.

About a year ago Levine was tapped by Club Monaco (a brand I have been working with on various projects myself for the past two years) to head the men’s design. It was (and remains) a big job and one he took to naturally. It has been exciting to see him put his touch on the collection at Club Monaco (who, as it happens, just launched its online store) and bring elements of his own personal (sometimes quirky) style to the brand.

While I am very close to what is happening at Club Monaco right now, I thought it would be interesting to sit down with Aaron and talk to him about the new autumn 12 collection, his first complete collection for Club Monaco.

Q&A and looks from the AW12 collection below…

Pachyderm Proof | Greg Chapman for Globe-Trotter

Apr 2nd, 2012 | Categories: England, Made in England, Travel | by Michael Williams

Americana loving Brit designer Greg Chapman spent a year and a half traveling around the world with the Globe-Trotter Safari Air, a case that he purchased at the revered company’s shop in London’s Burlington Arcade after a meeting with brand Creative Director Gary Bott. A little while later, Chapman approached Globe-Trotter and Bott about collaborating on a modified case that incorporates some modern day considerations — though nothing too crazy like wheels — and then set out to create a small run of special edition Globe-Trotters based on the company’s functional 1912 Stabilist series.

More history on the inspiration for the Greg Chapman x Globe-Trotter collaboration:

In 1912, the Stabilist series were bespoke manufactured Globe-Trotter luggage that featured special functionality for the Victorian traveler; such as wardrobe trunks, hat and shoe cases for travel by horse drawn carriage, rail and cruise liner.