This week I’m pleased to share the ACL GOLF shop.

In a perfect world there would be much more overlap between traditional menswear and golf clothes. These things intersect in certain instances but in my opinion there should be more real menswear in golf. My goal with ACL Golf is to offer a perspective that combines the things I love about menswear —classic style, craft, simplicity— with my affection for the game of golf.

There’s nothing mutually exclusive about playing golf and looking good. Some might not care about such matters, which is absolutely fine. Some might obsess over the details of their golf clothes as much as they do around every other aspect of the game. There’s no right or wrong answer with this stuff. Play the game however you want — dress in what makes you feel your best. That’s the goal. Focus on the good.

This week I launched a small collection of things I have been sourcing and collaborating on over the last year or so. Scottish Shetland knits made at Harley, the family-run mill in Peterhead, Scotland — just north of Cruden Bay Golf Club. A made-in-USA vegetable tanned leather tray from Billykirk to put on your desk or bedside to collect tees, your keys or ball markers. Cotton knit socks made in North Carolina in collaboration with American Trench. Recycled headcovers made in Maine by Forewind Golf who collects discarded sails to up-cycled into beautiful one-of-a-kind items. Finally, I worked with one of my favorite brands Holderness & Bourne for a small capsule of ACL Golf polo shirts, layering pieces and accessories. H&B’s quality fabrics, attention to detail and tailored fit are unrivaled. They also have the best collar on a polo that you will find anywhere.

I hope you take a moment to consider the collection and keep in touch to see the many new things that are coming. The goal is to offer fresh perspectives and take honest approach. I hope you find both in this new shop. Thanks for reading and see you out there.