It’s probably too late to talk about gifts for father’s day, but I am going to do it anyway. It sort of feels weird to do a gift guide in general with what’s happening in the economy and the world. That said, I am going to roll ahead. Not for the sake of consumerism, but because I enjoy writing about gifts that could honor dad.

I don’t think gifts are the end-all, be-all for most dads. Sometimes it’s just a nice little gesture that says to a him that he’s not *completely* ignored. Maybe the hardest thing on here to swallow is the endorsement of a luxury watch. I’m thinking of watches this way — maybe I will consolidate some stuff I have collected into one or two hardworking daily-drivers. I can assure you IWC does not give a fuck about me and has in no way influenced me to include them here. No one there will ever see this. I just like that watch, that’s it. So don’t take this as a push to buy a ton of stuff. If anything jumps out at you, maybe file it away for later.

As a son and a dad, I sort of selfishly just wanted to put a list of things together that I really love. If you buy these for yourself or forward this along or don’t buy anything that is all totally fine.

  1. Chapman 7341 Standard Screwdriver Set. It is absurd how much I love these Chapman sets. Probably the best household purchase I have made in the last 15 years. I use it all the time and it solves so many problems. They are made in the USA and not inexpensive — but they have made my life so much easier on many occasions. Even this smaller set linked above has pretty much every headpiece you will ever need around the house. The word is NASA uses these because they are domestic, precise, well-made, and highly technical. Worth every penny.
  2. I keep talking about Flask & Field because it’s my absolute favorite source for booze and related endeavors. They have some incredible gift sets and generally do an amazing job. It’s a small family business and I’m sure could use the support. I’m sure you could use a drink — a perfect match if you ask me.
  3. A Brooks Brothers OCBD shirt that’s still made in North Carolina. These are going to be collector’s items.
  4. How about the Yeti bucket, a custom monogrammed Yeti Rambler or the Loadout Gobox? I basically want everything from Yeti but don’t always want to spend the money — which to me puts it perfectly into the gift zone. Who knows why I would need that bucket, but I will find something to do with it. Worst case I will fill it with ice and beer — see next item.
  5. An aluminum webbed lawn chair. Give him this chair, a six-pack of beer on ice, and let him sit by himself in the backyard for a few hours. This made-in-the-USA chair is an all-time classic and everyone should own one or two. I also really like these Cape Cod Beach Chairs and take one to Will Rodgers State Beach all the time. If you are a beach person perhaps a Wm J Mills bag would come in handy. These are just so timeless and classic.
  6. Potentially the world’s best coffee maker. I’m not an owner but one day I’m sure I will just freak out and buy one of these Ratio drip machines. I know they are expensive, but this is a gift guide so let me have a little fun.
  7. These retro mechanical keyboards (which I learned about from my friend Om) are retro, responsive, and extremely enjoyable to use. They pair with a laptop, an iPad or a desktop. Instant WFH upgrade.
  8. My buddies started a company called Dad Grass and they knocked it out of the park. Its all pre-rolled CBD Hemp joints (50-state legal non-psychoactive stuff that will still mellow things out), plus a merch collab with my other buddy Mark McNairy. This might seem like a plug (it sort of is) but I love the brand and think it stands on its own. You decide.
  9. Two Charleston brands I’m a big fan of: Jack Rudy Cocktail Co and J. Stark. If you follow me on IG you know I have been making frozen G&Ts in the Vitamix with the Jack Rudy Tonic Syrup. It’s the perfect summer drink. J. Stark makes classic and reasonably priced bags right there in Charleston. One bonus CHS brand that I like: Oobe. Lots of MiUSA goodness there.
  10. Let’s act like Hill City isn’t folding for a second. This is one of my favorite activewear brands. Product is very well done (especially for GAP!), the branding is minimal (albeit reminiscent of Saturdays which is a bit of a bummer) and the fit is excellent. Huge fan and supremely disappointed that this is going away. Better pick some of this up now.
  11. This is such a good looking timepiece from IWC. Obviously it would be an amazing and unlikely gift for a dad — but I have it filed away for myself one day. I want to consolidate some watches into this. So clean and simple.
  12. A nice watch strap makes a great gift. Hodinkee Shop or Wind Up are my go-to places for nice straps. It’s a little thing that does a big job of elevating any watch.
  13. A lot of golf stuff is just so terrible, but there are a few brands doing good things. I think Holderness & Bourne make excellent clothing (and they are great people). B Draddy is another worthy brand and Billy Draddy himself is a super guy. Writer Jay Revell has a new book about the virtues of golf that looks excellent. I personally haven’t had a chance to read it yet (it’s in my Kindle queue) but I really like Jay’s writing other places and feel like the book will deliver. There’s also Catalogue 18 which exceeds expectations in every way.
  14. Lastly, fishing seems like a safe hobby right now and I hope to be back on the water sooner than later in these Danner for Patagonia fly fishing boots.

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    D.C. Varner on June 19, 2020 11:00 AM:

    Holy well-curated picks, Batman!

    Jacob Hurwitz on June 19, 2020 7:59 PM:

    I really liked Hill City, sad to see it go. J.Stark bags are great.

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