This Yeti Short Thrills.

This is one of those times where I see something online and I just want to get it on this website as fast as possible. So in the interest of time, I might just write half of this story now and just slide this video your way, and then come back with some more thoughts later. And here’s a little disclaimer. I don’t proclaim to be on the level of these incredible guys out on the Cosmoledo atoll hunting down the crazy giant trevally and can’t speak as an expert to fishing this far off part of the world, but I did become instantly captivated by this short when I first saw it this morning. And then, for once I found myself actually reading about fishing and I knew this was something I would have to share it with you.

When it comes to fishing I’m (at least) the 3rd string quarterback on ACL’s team. Both David Coggins and Al James are seasoned anglers and are the true experts on the topic. I’m sort of the punter who comes into the game to play quarterback as sort of a last resort when everyone is hurt or suspended on synthetic marijuana violations. Though while I lack the hours in the river, I do happen to posses a growing interest in fly fishing which is positioned well with my desire to travel and completely at odds with my obsession with golf. Which makes me the perfect person to post videos of insane fly fishing adventures at the highest levels.

Though I think it is important to say that there aren’t many things I have done in life that I enjoy as much as fly fishing when it comes to both the success and just process. Just being out there, casting and hunting for fish is incredibly mesmerizing. Even if you don’t catch a anything it is seemingly the perfect way to spend your time. Golf is almost the exact opposite. Golf is just so hard a small amount of good play will bring you back 50 times.


Back to the fishing. Back to thinking about those insane GTs. Maybe we should watch that video one more time before reading the rest?

Yeti has been dropping fishing and adventure stories all year that land like little bits of visual dopamine. Each one seems to be better than the one before it, like a crescendo building up in your brain that screams quick GET THE FUCK OUT OF YOUR OFFICE and go live your life. Go fishing, go surfing – just get out there and do something. That’s what it seems like the Malloy brothers were brought up to do. Their story (which they tell themselves with their magical Farm League production) will basically make every guy in America respect the vigor in which they have lived their lives. And in a short 5:47 of run time they’ve got all of us rethinking what it all means. Have we lived if we haven’t tangled with the GT? That seems to the be the question of the hour.

Read more about Yeti’s adventures in Cosmoledo here.

Comments on “GT IS A BAD BOY.

    OK Joyce on July 31, 2016 11:17 PM:

    I wish their products were made in the USA.

    James Antonia on August 2, 2016 2:14 PM:

    Without question, one of the most awe inspiring short docs that i have seen in months. Thank you for sharing.

    David Deviney on August 6, 2016 10:35 AM:


    daniel on August 10, 2016 6:44 AM:

    There really is more to life in our planet.

    BTD2 on August 12, 2016 3:25 PM:

    I can’t think of another time when I’ve been more inspired to explore and adventure. I’ve already become a fan of the track by Sam Gelliatry (Long Distance) that is playing under much of the film. I will be going fishing wish my squad of 25+ years in 2 weeks. Grateful to see this type of artful storytelling. Hell, I may even go out and buy a Yeti rambler!

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