Tudor Black Ops

Tudor's New Heritage Black Bay is Lights Out.

People have strong opinions about watches. My friends and I frequently talk about what timepieces and brands we like, and it’s fun because everyone’s preferences vary. We all probably spend too much time discussing a new release or running through what’s on our list (of watches we hope to buy sooner or later). I like to think this is one tiny notch above talking about cars or sports, and one topic slightly nerdier than talking about clothing. And everything doesn’t have to always be about expensive watches. Personally, I can get as much enjoyment from a simple $200 quartz watch as one that’s made with a special “in-house” movement and costs $10,000. It’s sort of like being interested in old cars. Being into vintage autos doesn’t mean you need to spend hundreds of thousands on the perfect rare 911. You can get a lot of enjoyment out of a 70s Mercedes-Benz that would only set you back a few grand.

Since Tudor reemerged in the U.S. in 2012, the brand has been on a tear. The Black Bay models in the “Heritage” collection, which draw design inspiration from the 1954 Tudor “Snowflake” Submariner dive watches among others, have been the standout pieces from the Tudor releases of recent memory. The newest watch in this family is the Tudor Heritage Black Bay “Black” and it’s an absolutely awesome piece.

This is a watch that I want to wear personally, and it is also something I would recommend to a lot of different people. A casual watch guy could wear it, and at the same time it’s something you could see on the wrist of a lot of serious collectors. At $3425 on a steel bracelet (the leather strap version can be had for slightly less at $3100) this watch still costs a significant sum of money, but it’s not unreasonable or out of reach for someone who wants to buy a timepiece that they can own for a really long time.


A great sport watch like the Heritage Black Bay should be in every guy’s rotation. And the nice part about these Tudor watches is the fact that you want to wear them daily. They look is classic, they pair well with a suit or jeans and they aren’t so precious that you live in fear of damaging them.

Normally it would be extremely tough for me to feel right about recommending a watch across the board, but the Tudor Black Bay “Black” is a home run and I hold no reservations about it.

To me, buying a watch is sort of like buying a suit. Some people have an unlimited budget and can afford to buy all of their clothing on Savile Row. Some people love the fit and the price point at Freemans Sporting Club and shop there because it makes them happy. Still others favor the approachability of J.Crew’s Ludlow suits. Fit, style and price are all a consideration, but the reality is everyone appreciates a man in a suit. In a similar way, no one can argue with a good-looking watch.

Tudor 1
Both the leather strap and steel bracelet Tudor Heritage Black Bay models also include this fabric nato strap.

Comments on “Tudor Black Ops

    Arran Cross on November 25, 2015 3:00 PM:

    Excellent write up. I was going buy a vintage speedmaster untill the Black Bay Black came out. Now I’m sold!

    Greg on November 29, 2015 10:21 PM:

    What a stunning piece … if I had the money, I’d totally buy it!

    Derrik Ollar on November 30, 2015 12:43 AM:

    Just put a date function on it, and I’m all in.

    Invictus on November 30, 2015 1:39 PM:

    As much as I like the Black Bay classic style, the Pelagos tech and modernity really grab me more. Titanium diver, instant adjust band, 3D dial, HEV, and amazing lume.. yes, please.

    My Sinns are still my go to daily wearers, however.

    lovewatches on December 6, 2015 8:07 AM:

    No date ? It’s a beautiful watch but with no date, a bit of a waste I think…

    Bill on December 6, 2015 1:11 PM:

    For those that like the look of this watch but want a watch at 1/10th the price, I would investigate the FiftyFive Fathoms Custom Seiko’s out there. Same black and stainless colors with gold accents. Automatic movement, and can be had for around $300 from one of the seiko customizers who sell on ebay.

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