Tap the Rocky Mountain Featherbed


The Rocky Mountain Featherbed logo reads “Jackson, Wyoming,” but these days it’s the Land of the Rising Sun, not the Cowboy State that RMFB calls home. Originally founded back in the late 1960’s, RMFB crafted puffy down vests with Native American inspired single piece leather yokes for the ranchers that populated the American West. The brand was one of the first brands to really experiment with Gore-Tex, employing the fabric in their vests at a time when most companies hadn’t even heard of it yet.

Thanks to Gore-Tex, RMFB’s vests trapped heat and repelled the cold, making them perfect for ropers and riders who needed something warm but not constricting. With the vest world conquered, RMFB set their sights on creating a yoked mountain parka using that same Gore-Tex construction. After perfecting this design though, Rocky Mountain unexpectedly disappeared in eighties, leaving behind an extensive back-catalog, and a collection of top-notch vests that could now only be found in thrift stores, if you were lucky that is.

Over two decades later, as part of the ever-rising flood of interest in Japan on all-things Americana, Rocky Mountain Featherbed was restarted by 35 Summers Co., a Tokyo based company dedicated to faithfully revitalizing classic American brands. 35 Summers picked up where RMFB had left off, tapping into the brand’s archives to recreate these iconic vests.

Time has been kind to RMFB though, and thanks to technological innovations, the vests that bear the brand’s label today are advanced in ways that Rocky Mountain’s founders could never have even imagined. Not only are the vests more streamlined and dependable than ever, but RMFB has now expanded their product range far beyond the sleeveless variety. From shearling snap button jackets, to waxed cotton fishtail parkas, to a few oddball short sleeve quilted cardigans, the current Rocky Mountain Featherbed collection is a unique assortment of products that allude to the brand’s history, while confidently reshaping their aesthetic for a new era.

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Comments on “Tap the Rocky Mountain Featherbed

    Arran Cross on November 6, 2015 3:47 PM:

    Love the shearling snap jacket but another jacket is the last thing I need!

    Stephen McMurtry on November 8, 2015 5:10 PM:

    Think I’ll get myself one of these vests for Christmas. Wish Japanese sizing made an ounce of sense, though.

    Jared Z. on November 9, 2015 1:33 PM:

    Thanks for highlighting this great brand. We carried RMFB at Bench & Loom – one of the few to only shops in the US that did – and can attest to their quality. As investment-grade products, they are not cheap but they are worth every penny.

    Primarily esoteric, it would be a good thing for everyone if more Americans knew of the craftsmanship and hyper-attention given to today’s Japanese Americana.

    J - P on November 10, 2015 3:42 PM:

    Where is that tote bag image from?
    I can’t seem to find it anywhere on their site.

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