Horsing Around at the World’s Richest Race



The Prix De l’Arc de Triomphe, held every fall at the Longchamp course in Paris, is one of the world’s longest running and most prestigious horse races and is rivaled only by Royal Ascot in terms of glamour, though it doesn’t get as much publicity. First run in 1920, it has long been known as the world’s richest race, and nowadays carries a purse of €5 million. Of course its Parisian setting means the event has always had plenty of panache, and the thoroughbreds watching the race are as closely scrutinized as the ones in it. “In a French horse race the horses run a poor third to the pretty girls and latest fashions,” LIFE reported in 1939. “People go, not so much to see the races, as to see each other, to bet and get a glimpse of the season’s fanciest clothes…. The center of the stage is held by the spectators, not the horses.”

10 years later little had changed when the magazine revisited Longchamp, despite the privations of the war. Racing had continued even during the conflict as the course was a favorite with status-obsessed German officers. Well insulated from worldly cares, the old line aristocrats in their silk hats and striped trousers epitomized the indefatigable elegance of the upper classes, who had been holding court at Longchamp since 1857 when Emperor Napoleon III and his wife Eugénie sailed down the Seine on their yacht to attend the opening race. However it wasn’t just the ancien régime who turned out; some 100,000 people were there to witness Coronation win the Arc that year. Here’s a long-lost set of photos from the magazine showing that some things never go out of style. Vive La France.









Comments on “Horsing Around at the World’s Richest Race

    Jeff on October 22, 2015 6:14 PM:

    While the style is cool, I can’t get excited about French aristocrats partying with the Nazis who conquered them and then murdered scores of their own people in reprisals against the resistance. Vive la Resistance!

    Charles Rostkowski on October 24, 2015 3:12 PM:


    Skenflin McGinty on October 26, 2015 2:19 PM:

    @Jeff History sure is twisted, ain’t it?

    Jeff on October 26, 2015 2:30 PM:

    Sounds like something out of an Alan Furst book.

    Peter on November 2, 2015 3:53 AM:

    We went to the Arc weekend this year. Lots of fun, stuffy French and Arabs aside. We were in the punters’ area, along with lots of Brits and Americans and blue collar French guys. Longchamps is closing for major renovations, sadly, as its scruffiness is part of the charm. There’s serious Qatar and Aga Khan money in France. In fact, a friend with ties to the Aga Khan says “always bet on his horses” at Longchamps. That seemed to be a good strategy — his horses won just about every race they entered, even waxing the Qatari emir’s…

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