Revisiting the Austin Speed Shop.

Austin Speed Shop 23

While in Texas for the Cadillac ATS-V adventures I took some time to cruise over to see my old friends at the Austin Speed Shop. Always welcoming and unpretentious –even when I show up unannounced– the guys at the Speed Shop are always open to showing me around and letting me checking things out. It’s a testament to their collective chill. It sort of reminds me of when I am traveling and I find a cool store that could be interesting to highlight on the site. At lot of times people who don’t know me will tell me “no pictures”. Though interestingly, 99% of the guys with the coolest, best merchandised places will always say yes and give me unlimited access to take as many photos as I would like. I think this goes back to confidence in what they do. Like the Speed Shop, they know what they do is unique enough that a few pictures won’t instantly become a facsimile in some other place.

Austin Speed Shop 11

Austin Speed Shop 19

At the Austin Speed Shop they specialize in custom builds (putting vintage exteriors on modern cars and trucks) and pure restorations from a pretty specific era. The hot rods and other awesome American cars that come out of the garage are all unique and all incredible. Even if you aren’t into cars you can’t help but to be inspired by the garage. It’s what keeps me going back. If only the chance to talk to my buddy the Speed Shop’s Cory Moore about cars and music and the scene in Austin, and to just see what crazy projects they have going on at the moment. Its definitely worth a few hours next time you find yourself down in Austin.

Austin Speed Shop 02

Austin Speed Shop 03

Austin Speed Shop 04

Austin Speed Shop 05

Austin Speed Shop 01

This is what you look like after spending hours polishing chrome by hand.

Austin Speed Shop 16

Hot Rod Church of God.

Austin Speed Shop 06

Hand striped tool boxes in the Austin Speed Shop offices.

Austin Speed Shop 07

Aforementioned offices. These are actually for rent for offsites and whatnot. Could be a cool place to hold court while in Austin.

Austin Speed Shop 08

Texas Cadillac.

Austin Speed Shop 09

Austin Speed Shop 12

Austin Speed Shop 13

Austin Speed Shop 17

Austin Speed Shop 18

The old signage alone is worth a visit.

Austin Speed Shop 20

Some old metal on deck.

Austin Speed Shop 15

Austin Speed Shop 21

That’s what they call patina.

Austin Speed Shop 22

Hello GTO.

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    Andrew on August 6, 2015 11:07 AM:

    Wow, thanks for posting this Michael. That blue and white pickup is unbelievable!

    Matthew Pike on August 8, 2015 10:46 AM:

    That fella is the master of the chrome polish

    Melissa Page on August 10, 2015 12:42 AM:

    Their restoration of vintage care are indeed incredible. My dad’s a vintage car enthusiast as well, he should definitely check out this place.

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