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Driving on I-95 this past weekend near Larchmont, NY I spotted a super clean late 80s BMW 325 convertible moving north with traffic. The car was shiny and clean with the top down cruising along on a relaxing Saturday jaunt. It made me think. “I should get online and find a clean old 325 convertible from the late 80s too.” It would be a fun little car to drive to the beach or for the summer. It’s not so precious that I would be afraid to take it out or really drive it and enjoy it. It won’t cost that much either! Seems like a no brainer. I would just need to convince my wife that we need a second old BMW. Could make sense considering the first old BMW lives in California and we live in NYC (though I drive it when I am out there frequently). It certainly makes sense to me anyway; to her, might not be so simple.

As soon as I can I hop on eBay and what do I quickly discover? This super clean 325i with only 26K original miles. Holy shit, this thing is perfect. It’s like a time capsule from American Psycho. The only problem for me, is that this thing is too clean. It’s in such good shape I would be afraid to take it anywhere. It’s got so low miles it’s not going to cheap. Frankly it’s the perfect car and exactly what I am looking for – if I only had one old BMW. Down to the Yuppie license plate, this car is in fact too perfect. I hope one of you will buy it and let me borrow it for a weekend.

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1987 BMW 325

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    Carl on July 28, 2015 10:33 AM:

    I have a less than perfect one I would sell…Redone paint and interior but high miles…I also have a super rare one, Macau Blau MTech Cabrio but it is not for sale.

    Ryan Bradley on July 29, 2015 8:24 PM:

    This is an icon. Reminds me of every high school movie ever made.

    Andrew Maness on August 3, 2015 1:42 AM:


    Was a long time reader before becoming a contributor, enjoy.

    tomasi Suluape on August 27, 2015 9:35 AM:

    I had it but i sold it

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