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A visual tour of PUFSUN in NYC.

This past weekend we held the first Pop Up Flea of 2015. The event featured 40+ different brands offering up a great collection of gear for summer. From awesome swim and sportswear from Onia to Waltzing Matilda’s awesome hand-made leather sandals to all of the new 2015 novelties from TUDOR. Our spring / summer Pop Up Flea is all about discovering new brands and finding something interesting you might not have otherwise seen. With that in mind, Rancourt’s new collection of made-in-Maine sneakers (pictured below) could have been the best discovery of the weekend.

In addition to all of the commerce, Buaisou had a vat of natural Japanese indigo on-hand custom dying bags, tee shirts and all sorts of other good stuff. It’s amazing to see the process of indigo dying in person. It’s an amazing process and Buaisou is excellent at it. They also make and sell some great traditional clothing and accessories – it’s really something special.

The next stop on the calendar for Pop Up Flea is the first ever PUFCAL in Los Angeles this September 18-20, followed by Tokyo 2.0 and back home for PUFNYC in December. Come by and discover something new or see an old friend like Billykirk or Alexander Olch. All of the info for upcoming events can be found here.

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TUDOR Rangers
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Waltzing Matilda

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PUFSUN 201511
Hand-embroidered OCBDs by Mistermort.

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Billykirk’s custom leather good station.

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PUFSUN 201513
Spring goodness from Freemans Sporting Club, who also had their barbers on hand doing cuts and shaves.
PUFSUN 201514
Rancourt’s angelic kicks.
PUFSUN 201521
Fine leather straps from Worn & Wound.
PUFSUN 201520
Classic PUF brand Alexander Olch with a vast offering of accessories.

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