• Neil Degrasse Tyson explains the interesting story of his most re-tweeted tweet. [Facebook]
  • Budweiser thumbs its nose with the “macro beer” Super Bowl ad. [Pictured]
  • 25 classic New York restaurants. Eat at every one of these before they disappear. [Eater]
  • Becoming a better man, (thirty) one day(s) at a time. [Valet]
  • Behold Rancourt’s handsome new Horween veg tanned capsule collection. [Rancourt & Co.]

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Comments on “SIGNALS

    Andrew on February 2, 2015 8:19 AM:

    Hi Michael, the “25 classic NY restaurants – Eater” link doesn’t work…

    Michael Williams on February 2, 2015 8:28 AM:

    Thanks Andrew. Updated now.

    Andrew on February 2, 2015 8:34 AM:

    Brilliant, thanks Michael! Great post BTW!

    Matt on February 2, 2015 8:49 AM:

    What I find most interesting about the Bud commercial is that they are acknowledging craft beer in the commercial. This segment of the industry is obviously effecting/threatening their market share.

    vanderleun on February 2, 2015 4:08 PM:

    “segment of the industry is obviously effecting/threatening their market share.”

    Like a mosquito on a Clydesdale’s rump just before the tail swats it.

    chuck on February 2, 2015 10:02 PM:

    Budweiser just bought Elysian brewery last week (?) for $60M.. so an interesting message just the same.

    Skenflin McGinty on February 3, 2015 2:43 PM:

    Does anyone else think that Bud tastes different since they were bought by InBev?

    Andrew Bentley on February 5, 2015 6:38 AM:

    Trying to legitimise the worst beer on the planet, and demonise honest craft products. At least they are acknowledging the growth of the micro-breweries, but what would their reaction be if a micro-brewery publicised the over-price garbage that is “bud”

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