Nau x Snow Peak | Portland Meets Tokyo.


Portland, Oregon has benefited tremendously from its proximity to the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest and the vast supply of creative minds who call Rip City home. That must be why the city can boast such an amazing group of outfitters who make clothing and gear there, Nau and Snow Peak among them. While Nau works to infuse function into our everyday lives with a subtleness very rarely seen, Snow Peak has done its best to gear-up every well-to-do camper around with everything from stoves to titanium sporks – an invention which has taken the tiny details to new heights. Recently these two cross-town brands have come together to create a range of clothing which embodies Nau’s love for subtle yet functional design and Snow Peak’s fixation with the little details. The capsule collection was created to seamlessly move with you from your everyday life to places far and near. Nau’s GM Mark Galbraith said it best. “The ‘Portland meets Tokyo’ concept we’ve developed stays true to each brand’s heritage, while giving opportunity to demonstrate a refined modern outdoor aesthetic we both value.”

The collection is heavily influenced by Japanese aesthetics and the importance of both function and mobility. The collection (which consists of both mens and womens clothing and outerwear) is centered on several key pieces including the Checkmate shirt (with easily-accessible and understated zip pockets), the Felt Over Sweater (A fine micron New Zealand merino wool pullover that has been felted to be almost impervious to the wind), the Welter Motil Pant (hidden cell pocket and all) and lastly the breathable but water shielding Hokkadio jacket.



Considering the weather in Portland, there’s an obvious need for multi-facected clothing which can fit into the way in which you live, and not the other way around. There’s also a need for things that breath and will hold their own against mother nature. People who love the little details in things like me (and could easily find ten different ways to rationalize the need for a titanium spork) will appreciate the thought and utility that goes into clothing like this. Thankfully for us Nau and Snow Peak are there to take the details to a new level. [Nau x Snow Peak]

The new Checkmate shirt.

checkmate longsleeve shirt_poplar check_04


The zip pocket of the Hokkadio jacket.