The Many Collaborations of Nigel Cabourn.


Nigel Cabourn once stated that he’s “been trying to be a designer for the last forty years.” Well, Mr. Cabourn you certainly could’ve fooled us. Having founded his first label in his early twenties, Cabourn is one of menswear’s most astute and imaginative minds, crafting spirited contemporary renditions of classic English military and sportswear designs. To complement his mainline pieces Cabourn often works in partnership with brands, both ubiquitous and unknown, to create collaborative collections that share his eponymous brand’s thoughtful approach to clothing design. We’ve rounded up Cabourn’s most impressive recent collaborations, but with a C.C. Filson collection on deck for next season, it’s safe to say that Cabourn’s best is still yet to come.


Aigle – Aigle was one of the first shoe makers to utilize vulcanized rubber and with this six piece collection Cabourn paid homage to their heritage with waterproof boots, pea coats, and parkas that were inspired by French dockworkers.

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Taylor Kent & Co. – Like many of Cabourn’s pieces, this holdall was inspired by a bag used by the British military during WWII, only this time it’s been made up in a thick flecked wool for that signature Cabourn-ian twist.


Converse – Leave it up to Cabourn to resurrect the classic 1970’s Chuck Taylor. Made from a sturdy ventile cotton these cost more than your standard Con, but the cleaner, more low-profile look is certainly worth it.


Eddie Bauer – Yes, it has unfortunately come to an end, but for a few years there Cabourn x Eddie Bauer was arguably the best collaboration on the market. With pieces like the Skyliner parka and the Geddes clip jacket, Cabourn faithfully resurrected some of Bauer’s finest designs, all of which had been criminally absent in stores for far too long.



Red Wing – Nigel paired up with American workwear stalwart Red Wing Heritage to recreate the military ‘Munson” boot. Nigel himself traveled to Minnesota specifically to recreate these one-off boots at the Red Wing factory. Inspired by the British Army, these handsome leather boots are lined with a green Harris Tweed lining to make them extra special. Here’s the scoop directly from Mr Cabourn himself.


Armor Lux – Cabourn once again turns to France for these heavyweight Breton stripped pullovers. Falling somewhere between a pajama shirt and a rugby, these banded collar shirts are lux loungewear straight from your granddad’s closet.


Midori – Because what man doesn’t need a leather coated notebook, complete with a brass pencil, and British military specs?


C.C. Filson – Cabourn’s outerwear obsession landed him in the Pacific Northwest this season as he joined forces with C.C. Filson. With a toned-down palette and rugged details, each piece of this capsule collection is an homage to the extensive archives that both Filson and Cabourn have amassed over the years.

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    Don’t forget the Viberg collab, those boots are killer!

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    Wow, the price range for the C.C. collection is wicked reasonable! I might actually be able to buy it!

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