Tanner Goods | Onward Into The Outdoors


Like a menswear Mystery Machine, the Tanner Goods‘ Dodge A-100 has become a staple of Portland, Oregon. Cruise through Downtown and you’re bound to come across the forty-eight year old matte white box van in between a Tanner Good’s road trip. As a brand, Tanner Goods has come to embody the dichotomy of modern day Portland – with the lush Pacific Northwest wilderness on one side and the crisp air of modernist design on the other.



Weeks in the design studio, weekends in the woods, tearing down Route 30 on a Friday afternoon in that Shaggy-Doo approved Dodge caravan. That’s the Tanner Goods lifestyle, and it comes through perfectly in the lookbook for their latest bag collection. The photos don’t feature a single person, just the whole spectrum of TG bags (exclusively in the official colors of the Pacific Northwest: brown, tan and green) set against their matte white team van. It captures that brief moment between the office and the great outdoors, that Tanner Goods has always reveled in since their inception in 2006. For Tanner, the bag you carry to work should be the same bag you carry into the weekend. Or in their case race into the weekend, with the double doors open, bags flying, onward into the wilderness.