Drake’s Autumn Winter ’14 | Tried and True


Lookbooks are not really about clothing anymore.

They can be focused on a brand’s attitude, their surroundings, their friends, their favorite beer, maybe their favorite plant, but what they rarely provide is insight on how to actually wear the clothes. All that posturing, all that ambiance, all that hyper specific styling rarely translates into something that you can actually wear. Not so with Drake’s London though, their Autumn Winter ’14 lookbook not only conveys the brand’s style, but it’s actually an asset to their audience.

These smart, well-put together outfits highlight Drake’s most recent designs, but they do so in a a manner that is actually tasteful. At a time when many comparable labels are trying so hard to shed their tailored heritage and produce avant-garde lookbooks that border on the ridiculous, Drake’s has stayed the course, and for that they look all the better.

Instead of showcasing overly-done outfits, Drake’s has honed in on the gorgeous colors, patterns, and textures that have always been their strong-suit. These images invite the audience into the world of Drake’s, rather than presenting the brand as some guarded cult that one must aspire to enter. If anything, this well-done lookbook proves that pandering is unnecessary, and more labels would do well to take note of this rather than regurgitating what they’ve seen on the internet. Drake’s knows who they are, they’re never going to bend, and that’s a great thing. Now if only we could say the same for more of our favorite brands.


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Comments on “Drake’s Autumn Winter ’14 | Tried and True

    Pindotsandgrenadine on August 4, 2014 3:18 PM:

    This is nice. I especially like the Aldens mixed in with these looks. (those are aldens, right?)

    Brett Vaughan on August 4, 2014 6:36 PM:

    I have to say, though I enjoy the black and white tux, it’s certainly not for every occasion. I really enjoy the looks that have made a comeback with a very modern twist. Seeing tweed suit jackets paired with colorful bold scarves, and all the matching that is going on in these photos has really inspired me to go get some of those. I think I could get quite a few friends on board too, there’s a lot of different looks there, and I’m betting each would be great depending who put it on. A suit makes a man feel good about himself when he leaves the door, but an exceptional one… yeah, that doesn’t even need to be finished to be understood.

    jim on August 5, 2014 11:16 AM:

    Scarves and ties can add quite a comfy component to a man’s wardrobe. …You can steal your mom’s babushka for an interesting pattern compliment to your ensemble.

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