Nice and Simple | Bags in Progress.


At one point during my visit to her Garment District showroom, Chiharu Hayashi, the designer behind Bags in Progress, describes her bags as tool totes for everyday life. As she says this, Chiharu gleefully picks up one of her bags to show me how each interior has a specific purpose. One pocket is for an iPad, another is cut specifically fit a Moleskin, and one of the side slots is perfectly proportioned for a pair of sunglasses. A place for everything, and for everything a place.


After all, if you’re going to carry around a bag all day, why make it complicated? The Bags in Progress line, specifically the two totes, which are simply named the “Large Tote,” and the “Tool Tote,” are smartly designed in a way that just makes sense. That her bags, which are often made from vintage blankets or supple leathers, are also quite handsome is really just an added bonus.