Boglioli Spring/Summer ’15 – La Dolce Vita.


The Boglioli story has always begun with the jacket. Soft shouldered and unstructured, this small wonder of casual tailoring (my favorite pseudo-oxymoron) has defined Boglioli since their inception nearly a century ago. And yet, with their Spring/Summer ’15 collection Boglioli has made it ever more clear that to them the jacket is just the introduction. While some Italian labels have been content to rest on their soft-shouldered laurels, Boglioli is charging full-speed ahead, fueled by admirers that are at once appreciative of the company’s heritage and actively interested in the future of the brand.

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In keeping with this, the Boglioli design team cites the legendary Il Pellicano Hotel as the main inspiration for their latest collection. Founded by American socialites off the coast of Tuscany in 1965, the Il Pellicano is an extravagant estate that appears to be stuck in the ritzy seventies. In the best way of course. Here, warm Mediterranean colors act as a backdrop for lavish galas, lazy afternoon cocktails by the pool, and cross-cultural schmoozing.

Boglioli’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection is like a visual guidebook on what to wear during a stay at Il Pellicano. The temperate colored sport coats would find in nicely amongst the resort’s lush setting, while the mandarin collared shirts, bellow-pocketed cardigans, and plaid dressing gown seem prime for a lackadaisical day by the Tuscan Sea. Simply put, these are clothes for La Dolce Vita, so act accordingly.

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    Jim on July 9, 2014 12:05 PM:

    That green jacket is fucking awesome. Where can I find it and which model is it?

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