Long Watch | Design by Peter Buchanan-Smith

There are few companies that do a better job with design than Best Made Co. From the packaging to the product to the company’s TriBeCa shop, everything is beautifully arranged. Much of the reason everything is so aesthetically on-point draws back to the company’s founder and chief creative Peter Buchanan-Smith. If you consider his work across the varied projects and organizations which he has contributed, you start to get a glimpse into the simplicity and beauty of his approach. I’ve met Peter on a few occasions before, and I’ve known him to be both extremely smart and exceedingly kind man. It seems that everything he does is appealing to me in one way or another. Even if it is a subject matter that I am not inherently interested in, Peter’s enthusiasm and his approach always seem to lure me in.

I stumbled upon the video of this talk that Peter Buchanan-Smith gave to the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis as I was looking for something unrelated. Even though this was from 2010, I started watching and over an hour later I came out the other side feeling inspired and impressed by both Peter and his work.

It’s meaningful to see someone stay true to his style and beliefs while continuing to evolve. Watching that video and seeing where Best Made Co. is today it proves to me that all of Peter’s hard work and his success are well deserved.

Comments on “Long Watch | Design by Peter Buchanan-Smith

    Ken on May 27, 2014 3:21 PM:

    Peter is definitely one of the best. Incredible eye and taste.

    Russell on June 1, 2014 7:16 AM:

    Thanks for posted. Have always admired his work, and the talk lends a greater insight and perspective.

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