Toasting Twenty Years of Steven Alan.


Over the years I’ve been able to go from saying I’m a fan of Steven Alan’s shirts, to I’m a fan of Steven Alan the man. What began as just a place where I bought my favorite woven shirts, has come to represent much more to me. Thinking back on the last few years, its hard for me to believe I have had the opportunity to get to know a designer like Steven who I admire so much. It’s equally amazing to think that Steven has had one of the best stores (and brands) now for two decades.

Just looking back on the past few years of ACL, Steven has been right there with me for much of the ride. When I called him about wanting to do a special shirt collaboration, he was down. When I bugged him to shop the Rose Bowl with me, he was there. When I just wanted some advice, he was always willing to talk and help. He’s been someone who I looked up to since day one, and he’s been doing all of it long before ACL was anything to anyone. That’s why it is such a thrill to partner with Shinola to toast the man and honor Steven Alan’s 20th anniversary. During this eight city tour there’s going to be food & drink, exclusive items from the Steven Alan collection and free monogramming from Shinola (and the entire line will be on hand) at Steven Alan stores across the U.S.

Steven, myself and Shinola’s Creative Director Daniel Caudill are taking a West Coast swing this week with the first three events in Portland (Tuesday 5/13), San Francisco (Hayes Valley on Wednesday 5/14) and Los Angeles (La Brea on Thursday 5/15). So join us to raise a glass (all are welcome; rsvp to the info below) to Steven, a guy who’s been setting a stylish standard for twenty years strong. Long live Steven Alan.


Comments on “Toasting Twenty Years of Steven Alan.

    Andy on May 12, 2014 12:33 PM:

    A nice Steven Alan story….

    I was walking in Venice, CA. down Abbot Kinney, last week, in search of a leather camera strap. Someone had referred me to Steven Alan so I walked in.

    A very polite, caring and considerate gentleman apologized for not carrying any camera strap. He then, without asking, went online, to find other places he thought I might like to check out. He wrote them on the back of a business card, in perfect handwriting, and said it was his pleasure to assist me.

    That’s what customer service is about. And I congratulate Steven Alan for instilling it in his employees.

    Cory on May 14, 2014 7:23 PM:

    Looking forward to the Atlanta event.

    John on May 15, 2014 7:33 PM:

    How come no NYC event?

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