We Now Pause for Station Identification.


Please pardon the interruption to your Japanese magazine reading as we pause for small note of housekeeping.

We’ve been making some small changes around here in anticipation of some larger changes. First of all, we have updated the email newsletter functionality for the site and our new system is a huge improvement. If you are on the legacy system (which would be anyone that had signed up to receive ACL via email before this past Monday; the old emails say “Powered by Google” at the bottom) then you can sign up for the new newsletter here and then unsubscribe to the old newsletter. If you like things how you have it, no need to do anything. If you want that ‘new new’, then make the jump.

Unfortunately, when Google mothballed Feedburner everything we had was trapped in a world of no-tech-support limbo and there’s nothing we can do to change it. We went so far as to consult with Neil deGrasse Tyson* this past fall to try and work the science to get back into our Feedburner, but to no avail. Then he got busy with Cosmos and we had to scrap the program. But the new email is great (powered by Sendicate, if you don’t know, now you know) and we are excited to share it with you. And so you know, the new email setup is just an RSS feed of content from the site, not promotions. Knowing us, even if we wanted to sell our list it we’d probably end up locking ourselves out of the system making it impossible, so don’t worry about that.

Again, new ACL RSS newsletter signup is here.

In addition to the new email, we have recently switched servers and are running on a super fast new host. The site was previously so slow that our old host must have had ACL running on some Windows 95 equipment in a musty old warehouse in Miami. Sorry if the slowness was annoying to you (though we’re sure if you did find it annoying you would have sent in the hate mail or left nasty comments as seems to be the case with all other grievances large or small), but don’t worry, things are running much quicker now.

Finally, we might redesign the site this year. We’ve been chewing on that for a while and know now that there improvements we want to make. But even if we do make changes, they won’t upset the heritage feng shui we’ve cultivated over the years. Finally, interesting things are happening on our Facebook and Instagram if you haven’t made those connections yet.

That’s it. Thanks for reading and keeping us all honest.

*This is not true. Though we do watch Cosmos every Sunday.