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When it comes to making fine Scotch Whisky, Glenmorangie subscribes to the idea that a little bit extra makes all the difference. Never willing to settle for the standard, Glenmorangie goes one step further with each piece of their scotch production process. Its casks are formed from trees harvested in the Ozark Mountains. Water is sourced from the mineral rich wells that surround their distillery in the Scottish highlands. The stills are the tallest in all of Scotland at over twenty-six feet tall. And a team of sixteen artisans that have meticulously mastered the art of well-aged whisky crafts each barrel.

This legacy of craftsmanship has defined Glenmorangie’s crisp Scotch for well over a century and a half, and has brought them together with Thomas Pink today. At just twenty years old Thomas Pink might seem youthful when stacked up next to Glenmorangie, but the London-based shirt maker is a faithful producer of traditionally tailored dress shirts with a contemporary edge. This shared dedication to impeccable craftsmanship has made Thomas Pink a logical partner with Glenmorangie to produce a collection of three shirt and scotch pairings. It’s the ultimate expression of craft and style.

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Each of these three combinations naturally appeals to the many sides of the modern man. There’s the classic combo of a crisp white shirt and Glenmorangie’s original 10 year old whisky. Next up is “the discerning adventurer,” which juxtaposes Thomas Pink’s Bengal Stripe button up with a bottle of Glenmorangie’s 12-year single malt. Finally, there’s “the ultimate perfectionist,” a one-two punch of a Thomas Pink Imperial Collection shirt, and Glenmorangie’s Signet, both of which are crafted using the highest quality ingredients and utmost care.

Glenmorangie likes to say that it produces “Unnecessarily Well Made” scotch, and I’d say that this description embodies what these two brands have accomplished with this partnership. A finely made dress shirt, a glass of expertly composed scotch, these are the uncommon items that set your day apart. It’s these rare splurges – the perfect shirt and an accompanying glass of single malt – that make life truly enjoyable. [GLENMORANGIE]

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    one on March 18, 2014 9:50 PM:

    i’m not clear on this… scotch doesn’t use their own bbl’s, they buy them used from other folks, typically whisky producers in the USA…. they are not new.

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