Herno Steps Into Its Own.


Herno’s moment in the sun has been a long time coming. Founded in 1948, Herno has been creating some the world’s finest outerwear for over half a century, and yet the brand has remained in relative obscurity until fairly recently. In fact many of you might have even owned an Herno jacket over the years without ever even knowing it. This is all because historically Herno’s main business has been as a private label producer for renowned brands across the world, including the likes of Ralph Lauren, Jil Sander, Armani, Prada, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton.


What began with a simple raincoat has evolved into an outerwear empire, and since first dabbling with double-faced patterns back in the sixties, Herno has consistently remained on the cutting edge of the outerwear world. With a newfound focus on their own label, Herno’s in house line is as wide-ranging as it is inventive.

From their Lesa, Italy factory Herno has created a collection that spans a lifetime worth of designs, covering everything from your standard raincoat, to puffer pullovers, to trim blousons. The fabrics are where the brand really finds their edge though, utilizing everything from pliable techy fabrics to sleek Goretex shells to tightly knit wools. The basic shapes of their jackets are expected, but they’re created in these extraordinary ways, which makes Herno’s latest offering both timely and timeless. -JG

HERNO - factory - n°1

Herno_2 Herno_3


HERNO - Via della Spiga, 1 Milano - foto 1 (Large)

HERNO - production - n°1


HERNO - production - n°2

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    So, what’s the answer to the rhetorical question: Where do they “step out into their own?”

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