Diving Into the Ring Jacket Tumblr.


If you’ve never heard of Ring Jacket before we can’t blame you (although if you were paying attention to our post on The Armoury, you would’ve spotted their name.) While Ring Jacket was founded in 1954, the Japanese brand only officially arrived in the U.S. recently, as the aforementioned New York location of The Armoury began to offer a refined assortment of sport coats, knits, and overcoats from RJ’s astonishingly deep collections. Ring Jacket is best described as a proficient amalgam of Italian tailoring, American sportswear, and Japanese panache. Their wares range from bold soft shouldered sport coats, to inventive knit blousons, to slim pinstriped suits, pulling dribs and drabs of influence from the world over to create a cohesive range of formal and casual pieces.


While Ring Jacket’s collections have only slowly begun to trickle on over to the states, the one piece of the brand that is available to everyone right now is their incredible Tumblr page. The Ring Jacket Tumblr is a visual catalog of the brand’s various escapades and endeavors, but what makes it really worth visiting is the outfits. The Ring Jacket staff are some of the most adventurous and innovative dressers around, and they really nail the relaxed yet tailored look that currently reigns over menswear. While some of the looks might be a bit much for the average guy, they are a great source of inspiration whether for color, fit, shape, or style. Peacocking aside, we can all learn a thing or two from the men of The Ring. –JG









Comments on “Diving Into the Ring Jacket Tumblr.

    Ray Hull on March 9, 2014 4:20 PM:

    Japanese tailoring is certainly not prevalent here. I have a couple of Dunhill jackets that are beautifully made (in Japan) from maybe 10 years ago. My Italian tailor remarked on their construction and since he once worked for Kiton, I count his knowledge as significant. Wile these jackets fit well, I wonder about larger-size range in Asian tailoring.

    Shelly Gale on March 9, 2014 5:50 PM:

    Where can I find the embroidered scarf (sixth picture)? That is lovely.

    David on March 13, 2014 11:20 PM:

    Khaki’s of Carmel also carries Ring Jacket. I think they had them a few months before The Armoury NYC opened.

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