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Make one thing, and make it great.

As a brand that has truly mastered the art of producing exceptional cashmere accessories, this is what we take to be the Begg & Co philosophy. Begg & Co’s collections do not run rampant with superfluous designs, inadequate ideas, or overcomplicated pieces, instead they favor a streamlined, hyper focused approach to their products. Since 1866 Begg & Co has called Scotland home, producing nothing but cashmere scarves and throws for nearly one-hundred-fifty years.

In sticking to what they know best, Begg & Co have been able to create one of the widest, and most aesthetically appealing array of scarves we’ve ever come across. While the larger scope of their scarf and blanket collections is impressive, its product is best understood when it’s in your hands, and if you want to experience that, you’ll just have to pick one up for yourself. –JG

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Comments on “What They Know Best | Begg & Co

    AlainSojourner on March 7, 2014 3:33 PM:

    I think that green scarf looks good on me. :)

    Steven Tatar on March 7, 2014 4:48 PM:

    These are lovely textiles to be sure. But one point- they are woven, not knit as described in the post. A small point to some, but not unlike saying an apple is an orange, because they’re both fruit.

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