The American Varsity Jacket Made in America.

Philadelphia based sporting goods maker Mitchell & Ness highlights the production of its Authentic and highly covet-able on-field varsity jackets and wool jerseys at the family owned knitwear company Dehen in Portland, Oregon. A long time maker of American high school varsity jackets and jerseys, Dehen has been making the real-deal stuff since 1920.

Over the past few years I have had the chance to visit Dehen in Oregon on several occasions to see the factory which includes a few amazing old knitwear machines that make the super heavy-gauge knits that, along with the varsity jackets, are the company’s calling card. Also coming down the production line is quite a bit of custom work from high schools all over the United States, which is how the company has managed to survive this long. The cheer leading and Varsity sports niche production now parallels the Mitchell & Ness Cooperstown Collection items and the stuff Dehen sells under its own name. All I can say is, Fuck Yeah Made in USA.

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    starshiplazyboy on November 25, 2013 1:05 PM:

    My brother owns a little shop that sells varsity coats (among other things). He was really upset when Holloway moved production from Cincinnati down to Mexico. I’ll have to look into this company for him. Thanks for bringing this company to my attention.

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