Shave and a Haircut at Harry’s.


Harry’s, the internet-spawned close-shave-loving German-made razor-blade-kingpins have gotten into the barber shop game with its awesome new outpost on MacDougal Street in SoHo. The question is: does New York need another barber shop? And actually, the answer is: yes, yes it does. While barber shops seem to be appearing on the daily in New York these days (Fellow Barber, the Barbershop on Rivington Street), judging from the massive lines at all of these shops it looks like there is no shortage of customers either. And thankfully, Harry’s has a plan for that too. Word is that this new shop hopes to thwart all that line standing with an online appointment system, something the competition can’t yet offer.

Not content with just making great razors (and other nice shaving gear) and having a great editorial vehicle with the Hotchkiss-helmed Five O’Clock, Harry’s appears to have opened the best merchandised barber in New York and potentially on the planet. In addition to all of the great grooming product from guys like Imperial, Baxter of California and Proraso, there’s also a tightly edited collection of small items like notebooks from Public Supply, footballs from Leatherhead, vintage knives and all stripe of other manly trinket worth owning. There’s even boxers on offer from Sleepy Jones should you (oddly) need to resupply while you get your haircut. It’s a well done affair over there at Harry’s. Not that we were expecting anything less from good guys like them.


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Harry’s Barber (Opening Tuesday 10/29) | 64 MacDougal Street | New York City

Comments on “Shave and a Haircut at Harry’s.

    Matthew Pike on October 28, 2013 5:30 AM:

    That looks cracking, I’ve loved everything Harry’s have done up to now so it’s great to hear they’ve opened up shop. The interior looks loads of fun and the prices on the window very much does the job. I’ve got one of their sets myself.

    william on October 28, 2013 6:38 PM:

    i like neighborhood and tommy guns but they’re more expensive than harrys. i will give them a try

    Christopher on October 28, 2013 11:06 PM:

    I was disappointed with Harry’s cartridge razors. I’ll stick with a Mekur razor and Feather blades for about the same price.

    danny on November 18, 2013 4:18 PM:

    Just went to Harry’s for a haircut and was really impressed. Matt did a fantastic job, and for $35, you can’t get a better deal. Thanks for the recommendation

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