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Chester Coat (Heavy Canvas)-3

One of the most interesting stories of the past couple years has been the unexpected marriage of streetwear and workwear, two once disparate styles that now seem to butt up against each other at every possible opportunity. This relationship has lead to many unlikely collaborations and collections, but few, if any, have been executed as masterfully as Carhartt Work in Progresses’ new Over All Master Cloth line. The collection, which was conceived by Carhartt’s well-known European licensee, and designed by a former head designer of Supreme, takes the centurion workwear brand into uncharted territory.

You won’t find any camel colored zip-ups here, as those signature duck canvas jackets have been replaced by Harris Tweed chore jackets, and Loro Piana suits. The traditional workwear look remains, if only as the foundation for O.A.M.C., which uses Carhartt classics as a starting point before delving into the world of high-end streetwear. The result is a collection in which thick-soled derby’s are constructed out of Bison leather, chore jackets are crafted in dark canvas colors, oxfords are affixed with contrasting shooting patches, and sport coats are cut from duck camo wools.

L:S Ghost Shirt-3 Chester Coat (Heavy Canvas)-4

While so many streetwear meets workwear collections fall flat, O.A.M.C. is not only logical, but quite beautiful as well, working to alter our conceptions on what both of these styles are “supposed” to look like. The collection is really made in its juxtapositions, which simultaneously takes streetwear into a more refined realm, while giving some staid workwear designs a much-needed facelift. With the O.A.M.C. line Carhartt W.I.P. continues to transform the once quiet working class label into a brand that is ever-presently ahead of the curve. -JG

Over All Master Cloth is available at UNION.

Sullivan Crew Sweater Rennie Jacket (Felted Wool)

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Chester Coat (Cotton Poplin) Cobb Crewneck

Comments on “Workwear Revamped Right | Over All Master Cloth

    gdub on October 25, 2013 3:17 PM:

    Okay, where are those shoes available? I can’t find ’em anywhere.

    Morgan Linton on October 25, 2013 8:01 PM:

    Very cool, I really like the fusion of street and workwear, it works particularly well for pieces like this that are perfect for the fall. I like the camouflage but would love to see it a bit faded, I think it’s a bit too pronounced, while some might like it I think there’s something great about a subtle camouflage.

    Matthew Pike on October 26, 2013 2:33 PM:

    There’s a Carharrt WIP shop near me, they usually carry the collaborations so I’m betting they carry this range when it’s out. I like the direction they’ve taken this, the lookbook shots are great too. Moody.

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