Celebrating 40 Years | Inside the Timberland Brooklyn Workshop.

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To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Timberland set up an interactive worksop on the Brooklyn waterfront to celebrate the brand’s past, speak to the future, and to gather a panel of creative people to explore how creativity and style exist in the present. The event was a nice amalgamation of Timberland’s history and the current expression of its fall style that was on display throughout the space. In an upstairs auditorium, Timberland assembled five creative individuals to talk through modern creativity and speak about how style intersects with their lives. The group consisted of photographer Noah Kalina (who along with some of the guys from the Rig Out made a short film that celebrates the limited edition pieces from the Timberland 40th Anniversary), Complex Style Editor Matthew Henson, Christine Cameron of My Style Pill and myself. In addition to the conversation on style, each of the panelists and myself reflected our own personal style and taste in a physical space on the main floor of the Timberland workshop. Timberland’s Design Director Chris Pawlus gave insight into how Timberland’s style, performance and ruggedness have dovetailed into one of the world’s most respected brands.ACLSPONSORED_041613_OMG-1-1

Also on hand at the workshop was an installation for the limited edition 40th anniversary boots, a leather goods customization area and a gallery highlighting the fall 2013 collection. In attendance were personalities like Marcus Troy, Glenn Kitson, plus media from all over the world had come to Brooklyn to toast the past four decades of Timberland. It was nice to be able to get a chance to see all of the Timberland collections all together in one place. While there’s a focus on footwear, there’s also a strong group of outerwear and other clothing. It was especially cool to see the 40th anniversary boots – especially the World Hiker, which along with the Euro Hiker, are the boots that I wore growing up and are the styles that I go back furthest with. The crowd was engaged by all of the installations, the live music and the massive cloud of Timberland boots that was hanging overhead. The event was equal parts educational and entertainment that served to properly celebrate Timberland’s past forty years and the road ahead.

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Comments on “Celebrating 40 Years | Inside the Timberland Brooklyn Workshop.

    Phin White on October 23, 2013 9:10 AM:

    It’s also worth mentioning that Timberland is the leader in presenting retail environments that marry to the style of their product. From the marketing collateral to the fixturing there is continuity and this commitment to the decor is seen throughout the stores at every level. Where other retailers prop up the occasional distressed factory cart amongst their crappy laminate tables and chrome clothing racks Timberland lives in the world of barn board, reclaimed lumber and hot rolled steel!

    Matthew Pike on October 23, 2013 4:22 PM:

    I’ve been really impressed with Timberland’s clothing range for a while now, especially the outwear. I like going in their store’s, they’ve always got a great feel (bit like The North Face in a way). Nice to be involved and I like the idea of you guys having your own space.

    Cody on October 24, 2013 1:19 PM:

    Really dig some of the shirts but why must they put their logo on everything? It cheapens the aesthetic they are after I feel.

    Ted Harrington on October 24, 2013 2:25 PM:

    Nice set Dude.

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