Sounds of the Times.

Treetop Flyers | Things Will Change

Occasionally a band or a song will spark my interest in sharing some of the sounds that have been playing in the office as of late. The British band Treetop Flyers and their album The Mountain Moves was the thing that pushed me over the edge to put this post together. The band recently (I think?) signed on with Partisan Records, one of my favorites, as its label in the U.S. Their record –which is a trip back in time– would feel just fine if it were on the radio in 1977. The single below is good, but the rest of the album is even better. Worth checking out when it comes out in June.

If you want to go back further than the late 70s, listen to Charles Bradley and be transported to 1962. That guy’s story is insane – he was only “discovered” a few years ago and signed to Brooklyn’s Daptone Records. Here’s the story on NPR.

Both Charles Bradley and Gary Clark Jr (also below) performed at the Newport Folk Festival this past summer and I remember watching Gary and thinking ‘he’s gonna put The Black Keys out of business’. Honestly though, seeing him reminded me of what I felt the first time I saw The Black Keys live. Great stuff.

Charles Bradley | Strictly Reserved For You

Gary Clark Jr. | Bright Lights

Local Natives | You and I

My Best Friend | Higher Palms

Bahamas | Lost in the Light

Anchor & Braille | Goes Without Saying

Comments on “Sounds of the Times.

    Beth Lauck on April 9, 2013 2:16 PM:

    WOW! Great music shares. Your office must be pretty darn awesome if these are your tunes. Just discovered your blog recently – love the content!

    Ye Ole General on April 9, 2013 6:11 PM:

    Great post. Wonderful music, and refreshingly honest advice (I’ll just have to separate the 97%).

    essy on April 9, 2013 10:54 PM:

    Treetop Flyers reminds me of the band America. A little Ventura Highway anyone.

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