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Seeing Isaia’s fall collection is one of the things that makes the trek to Florence worth it. The Neapolitan tailor never ceases to impress when it comes to shape and texture. The styling and strong sense of color also serve as some of the most inspirational corners of the menswear summit that is Pitti Uomo. The brand’s AW13 collection is no let down in this regard. There’s a lot going on in a relatively small selection of items, but the spirit remains and Isaia continues to delight with its willingness to know itself and be the brand it wants to be, not the brand other people want it to be.

Like most of the Isaia clothing in the past, this collection draws its inspiration from Naples, specifically from Januarius (the city’s patron saint) and the Naples Cathedral. The details of these inspirations show up in prints and in other small elements of the collection. The photos here give a nice sense of the fabrics, styling and feelings you can look forward for the coming fall.



One of the more interesting pieces in the collection was this sport coat that is made from a printed fabric meant to resemble a British wool fabric. Look closely there.



Isaia_Pitti_AW13_03 Isaia_Pitti_AW13_04

Isaia_Pitti_AW13_08 Isaia_Pitti_AW13_09



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    love isaia and live in isaia, but disappointed with AW13

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    The bright colors on the clothes are so good ! Absolutely stylish

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