The Layover


I spent a lot of time flying around this year – my frequent flyer account tells me 127,000 miles flown ytd – and the one thing that makes me not regret all those hours spent on planes next to a bunch of C.O.S. is all of the time I was lucky enough to spend experiencing a bunch of different cultures and cuisines. It’s easy to say that no time was more enjoyable than my exploration of Italy with my good friend Courtney, who has been the most amazing guide to all things good in not only Italy, but in life.

With it being the end of the year, I’m guessing that everyone is either on a beach, a ski slope or killing time (at home or work) on the internets. So I figured it would be a good time to think about the places and adventures that will shape 2012. This idea came to me recently while watching every episode of Anthony Bourdain’s food / travel show The Layover. I missed all of these shows when they originally aired (because I don’t really have any time to watch teevee), but thankfully all of the shows are available online and for me to share with you here.

I love Bourdain’s no bullshit approach to food, travel, and most impressively, to life. It’s him who inspires me to trust my instincts and experience the real world like a man. My hope is that 2012 will hold more than a few Bourdain-inspired adventures.






Comments on “The Layover

    JRS on December 28, 2011 3:48 PM:

    One of the best shows on television. By far.

    I’m sure 2012 will be a great year. Onward and upward…

    Mike V. on December 28, 2011 4:06 PM:

    I’ve seen all but the Singapore one, thanks for posting.
    Great show. We’re taking some of his cues from the NYC with us when we’re in the city next year ’round April.

    Kate on December 28, 2011 4:32 PM:

    Best Christmas present this year was a knife from the shop in the Hong Kong episode.

    Staci on December 29, 2011 12:10 AM:

    Thanks for posting these shows. I’ve read all of Anthony’s books but had never seen any of his shows. Now Miami is high on my go-to list, and I am very hungry for Cuban or Bahamian or Genuine food! The food truck area would make me very happy!

    Robert on December 29, 2011 10:01 AM:

    What do you mean by C.O.S

    Jon on December 29, 2011 12:16 PM:

    Yes! Love Bourdain, and this new show is amazing! The pizza guy in the Rome episode is priceless, I want to go there so bad.

    Michael Williams on December 29, 2011 2:10 PM:

    Customer of Size.

    Roger on December 29, 2011 5:09 PM:

    Just stumbled upon your quote:
    You know you’re doing something right when you’re featured alongside Harry Belafonte. Nice work and continued success in 2012.

    Ray Hull on December 29, 2011 7:07 PM:

    Remarkable and highly forwardable; thx.

    Ray Hull on December 29, 2011 7:09 PM:

    Oh yes, meant to mention that (NYCT piece) ; saw it early this morning. Keep it up.

    Ron on December 30, 2011 3:53 AM:

    You misspelled Bourdain in the first sentence, paragraph three. Please correct when possible.

    -Tony Bourdain

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