Weekend Video | Mainline USA

A dose of nostalgia and workwear for your weekend. This 1950s film about the development of the U.S. railroad system is a great looking little piece of history. “America is the living symbol of the miracle of modern production.” Well said Mr. Industrial Propaganda Film announcer. Check out those brand new Caterpillar dozers at the 2:03 mark, the plaid work shirt at 6:19 and all of those factory scenes. Great stuff.

Comments on “Weekend Video | Mainline USA

    Mark Frazer on October 20, 2009 7:19 PM:

    Inspired. Reminds me of the reel to reel movies we used to watch in grade school. I’m certain it was to fill in for the lack of lesson plans. Damn you Ms. Watson! I missed out on fractions to learn about railroads?! This will only help me if I grow up to be a blogger!

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