ACL Dive Bar Music Returns

Since the ingenious Muxtape has been relegated to our not so distant memory, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the “music” section of the site. Alas, I was hoping that the RIAA would come to its senses and let Muxtape out of its death grip, but there doesn’t seem to be any reprieve in sight. Then last Friday Jeff Carvalho sent me a link to Favtape, which isn’t as slick or well named as Muxtape, but it works. Good looking out Jeff! Below is my reincarnated sixties dive bar mix. No telling as why I am so obsessed with this musical era, but the songs are so enjoyable, so why fight it.

Comments on “ACL Dive Bar Music Returns

    Stefinmtl on September 22, 2008 1:54 PM:

    *wince* The “almighty radio edit” of Love Child seems kinda out of plaaaace – don’t you think? heheh…

    Michael Williams on September 22, 2008 2:00 PM:

    Which song? Favtape gets a little squirrelly sometimes…

    Emi on September 22, 2008 3:07 PM:

    I love this mix tape so much! Do you think you can make this a semi-regular thing? My iPod and I thank you. My ears too. :))

    rye on the rocks on September 22, 2008 4:39 PM:

    I love being able to see and instantly play the top songs by year. There’s even a link to the lyrics under each song.

    But I still miss muxtape’s clean layout.

    Michael Daddino on September 22, 2008 9:03 PM:

    I’m so glad you’ve hipped me to this–I got bummed over Muxtape’s death. Maybe I’ll conjure up an account this weekend.

    Brandon M. Capps on September 22, 2008 9:04 PM:

    Fantastic mix. I heard Spooky the other day in a random bathroom and just hung around in there til it was over.

    Patrick on September 23, 2008 12:09 AM:

    Hi Michael,
    I’ve also been looking for a Muxtape replacement. I thought Favtape might be it but I couldn’t stand the excessive amount of cruft and linkage.

    Finally came across Mixtube ( and I think this might be it. It piggybacks on Youtube to provide the audio so you’ll know the music loads fast. It could still use some polish but so far I like it out of all the Muxtape descendants out there.


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