The Real Life NAVY-ism | Mister Freedom

A few months ago I dedicated a week’s worth of coverage to “The NAVY-ism” issue of the ingenious Japanese magazine Free & Easy. Along the way (and with help from a friend in LA) I discovered Mister Freedom. The vintage military inspired collection is the brainchild of designer Christophe Loiron, who is clearly operating on a higher level. In addition to designing and manufacturing a line of Navy inspired men’s clothing, Mister Freedom is also a well edited vintage military clothing store. The premise behind the brand is to create “historically plausible clothing”, which basically means that the items in the Mister Freedom collection might not have been documented exactly as such, but the details and elements that make up the garments are things that historically existed during the era. The attention to detail, from the hardware to the fabrics, is on a level that I have never seen. In a word, amazing!

Mister Freedom himself, Christophe Loiron.

Vintage belts.

Mister Freedom tote bag.

The complete set of Mister Freedom images can be seen here.

While Mister Freedom is based in Los Angeles, the label is available in stores throughout Japan and the denim-friendly store Self Edge in San Francisco stocks the brand. Rumor has it that the new men’s J. Crew store on West Broadway will carry part of the Mister Freedom collection.

7161 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036 Tel: (323) 653 2014

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    Sam Jacobs on July 29, 2008 3:14 PM:

    I think that J.Crew store opens Tuesday. Stoked!

    Bret P. on July 29, 2008 9:15 PM:

    Counting down to Tuesday. It’s going to be fierce.

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