• Mr. Michael Macko breaks down the style of Brideshead Revisited; teddy bear included | [Details]
  • The quest for the coolest bicycle name rolls on with Pashley’s “The Guv’nor” | [Kitsune Noir]
  • Peter Beard’s celebrated book The End of the Game has been re-released | [Kempt] [Pictured]
  • Critical shopper Mike Albo thinks the P-Town “college jock look…needs to die” | [The New York Times via Selectism]
  • A three sentence time wasting letter to the British Halibut Association: I am writing to tell you that last night my wife cooked a piece of halibut. It was bloody lovely. Thought you might like to know. | [Vanity Fair Daily]

Comments on “SIGNALS

    Michael Daddino on July 24, 2008 1:15 PM:

    Mike Albo: “…1,000 square feet is considered a big store space [in Provincetown]. That should be enough to discourage Dolce & Gabbana from coming with a line of luxury slutgear and matching chowder bowls.”

    Albo is also the guy behind Gawker’s “Underminer” seriesthe fella’s a big meaty fistful of surreal hilarity.

    Paul Pincus on July 28, 2008 4:04 PM:

    everyone should have a copy of The End of the Game. classic.

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