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Ever since I decided to get in on the ffffound / NOTCOT game with The Material Review, I have been obsessed with all of the quirky instant-gratification websites that are floating around out there.

Then recently I discovered Oobject and life hasn’t been the same since. Literally, hours have been wasted browsing lists of cool objects. Design, vintage, tech and everything else you can imagine. A treasure of useless images and information. I love it.

Below are just some of the amazing groups of objects on the site.

Classic Sony designs

Foruma 1 user interfaces (pictured Ferarri 2008)

Rocket launch pads

Top 20 cipher devices

General store architecture

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    rachael on July 19, 2008 8:50 PM:

    My Dad has something that looks a lot like that Sony thing at the top…think he had it when he was a kid or something.

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