SIGNALS (Traditional Edition)

  • Roger O. Thornhill shows the hipsters a thing or two about 1959 Wayfarer style | [Bulldog] [Pictured]
  • A Turnbull and Asser blazer prompts both him and I to say: “TinTin, you magnificent bastard.” | [The Trad]
  • I too am a lover of the slate roofed home. Reminds me of one of my favorite places on earth – Shaker Heights, Ohio | [Tucker]
  • Is trad interesting or just glorified 50 year old bullshit? | [Long Suffering Trad]
  • Meet Linus J. Scrimshaw | [Coiled Pleasures]
  • Japanese magazine Men’s Ex looks at some influential and trad gentlemen | [Heavy Tweed Jacket]