From the Desk of…

From the Desk of… is a window into the world and workspace of some of ACL’s most stylish friends.

Details Market Editor Eugene Tong (pictured at left with fellow Details Market Editor Matthew Marden) took some time out of his busy day scouring the fashion landscape to break down his desk from deep within the inner-workings of Details HQ. The fine print after the break.

Mr. Tong’s description

Everything is pretty standard with a few highlights. On my desk there are various look books, binders with pictures from this season’s collections and my iPhoto open with even more pictures. As a Market Editor, I pretty much never leave my house without my trusty little Leica camera (you can see its dope little polka dot case next to my coffee and Blackberry). We are currently working on our September issue so I was making some requests as Mr. Williams asked me to do this. The next thing is the pictures of one of my favorite people in the world on the left. That cute little baby is my favorite cousin’s daughter, Sabrina. She lives in Taiwan, where most of my family lives, and she is awesome. Everyday I come across something that I become obsessed with, the most recent item can be seen in the picture to the left of my phone. That beautiful watch is a special edition Bamford and Sons vintage Rolex Daytona that has been PVD coated and given a aqua blue dial treatment. One day when I start making a lot of money I will own this watch and hopefully, many more. Lastly, as you can see, I have a tons of sneakers under my desk. As many know, I am a recovering sneaker addict. It was a problem and I am currently attending meetings to curb my addiction. However, it doesn’t help that I have great relationships with the sneaker brands so every once in awhile, a brand new pair of sneakers just appear at my desk. I haven’t had time to bring all of them home nor do I have the space in my apartment to house all the shoes I own so these just get left under my desk until I decide to wear them.

Picture of Mr. Tong & Mr. Marden via The Sartorialist