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From the Desk of is a window into the world and workspace of some of ACL’s most stylish friends.

Aside from being a painfully nice guy, Josh Peskowitz is one of the gentlemen behind the stylish and popular Much like last week’s subject Alexander Olch, Mr. Peskowitz prefers the less is more approach to organization.

Mr. Peskowitz’s description:

My desk is usually a mess, it used to bother me but now I am at peace with it. I know it’s a tired excuse to some when they hear people like me say they can’t find anything when the desk is clean, but in my case it happens true. The way my memory works, it’s much easier to remember where I saw something last than to have a “filing” system or “whatever”. Except for stamps, I can never find those damn things.

Most of the piles are look books and generally ones that I am using are in a closer orbit. There is a Voltron doll sitting right next to my computer that came as a promotional item, usually I don’t keep those, but I had always wanted one as a kid and never could afford it, so I get a kick out of having one around now. The walls of the desk are covered with thank you cards, condolence cards and wall paper samples from Cole & Son, the best wallpaper maker in the world. There’s also one of my favorite photographs by Albert Watson, with a woman’s face superimposed with a tiger’s. The prize on my desk though, without question is a bottle of Tabasco’s Avery Island Reserve. It’s a special limited edition hot sauce that they released this year, the 140th anniversary of the company. I use it almost every day on almost every meal and there is a good chance I will freak out when the bottle goes empty.

Comments on “From the Desk of…

    Peter on May 8, 2008 1:52 PM:

    Voltron, Fantastic Man, and Tobasco. What more do you really need?

    Benji on March 9, 2009 11:45 AM:

    Josh Peskowitz, YOU are such a cutie. Oh, and you’ve got great style.

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