Obsession | The Saltbox

I have been thinking for a long time about getting a place upstate. Maybe something in a sleepy town in Sullivan County. I’ll get myself a nice old pickup truck to haul stuff around. I know just what I want the place to look like – a classic Saltbox. My mother grew up in one in Ledyard, Conn. It was this amazing old house in the woods that has since become a historic site called the Nathan Lester House. I was always enchanted when my mom would tell me stories about the “Indian room” which was a secret windowless room in the house that the original inhabitants had installed (around 1795) to protect themselves from the Native Americans in the area. Obviously, the concept of an “Indian room” is a derogatory holdover from a bygone era, but as a kid the idea of a secret room is beyond amazing. Some great Saltbox homes and farms are pictured below.

More pictures can be found here.