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From the Desk of… is a window into the world and workspace of some of ACL’s most stylish friends.

In addition to being a really nice guy, Men’s Vogue Fashion Director Stephen Watson is one of the most stylish and tasteful gentlemen in the business. Pictured and described below is Mr. Watson’s desk – from high atop the Condé Nast tower.

Stephen’s description: “The pottery is California Original from Torrance, California circa 1960-70. I have at least 100 pieces scattered all over home – office – everywhere. It was a terrible eBay addiction that has since been curbed. I’ve replaced it with another eBay addiction that will remain secret. There are pots with cactus to the right of the phone…the colors are insane. The tiny red ball lamp is vintage from Lightolier. Doesn’t throw much light but I like the telescoping stand. The prints on the wall behind the computer are original posters from Jean Choiselat circa 1950-58…I have about 10 of them. They were a gift from Candy Pratts Price. Can’t really make out my leather T.Anthony solar calculator – I love it. The small covered woven basket behind my glass is a souvenir I brought back from Saint Louis, Senegal. There is a small gold wind up travel clock from Jaeger Le Coultre (far left- behind the magazine) that was a gift from Max Bernardini. I have to wind it everyday. Four rolodex- soon to be five. My last bottle of discontinued Fresh V-Tonic.”

“The Sprouse that hangs behind my desk is actually a panel of fabric that I bought at a sample sale…Candy (Pratts Price) had it signed when I worked at Vogue. I finally have a wall big enough to hang it on! Its looks fantastic here in the office. Sprouse was a huge idol of mine when I moved to NY – I wanted to work for him terribly. When I was at FIT, I must have applied to his showroom and his store on Wooster Street a half dozen times.”

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    elizabeth on April 24, 2008 4:19 PM:

    my cubicle is available for photoshoots. you just let me know, it’s quite spacious you know.

    mw362797 on April 24, 2008 4:26 PM:

    Dear Elizabeth,

    I am obsessed with you and your blog and would be honored to peer into your cube of chicness.

    A Continuous lean

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